Good day to you, reader of this blog,

First let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Katie. I’d awkwardly shake your hand, but you’re there and I’m not.

Here’s an abridged version of my story – I just got done with my one and only year of graduate school in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens, OH. Yeah, it’s a one year program. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, that’s totally not enough time for a graduate degree in journalism!” I know, right? That’s exactly what I thought too… Granted, I still have to start and and finish my thesis proposal, defend that, and then finish up my thesis before I am officially done with grad school, but I finished all of my required classes. So basically, I just need to do a boat load of research and write a tome and then I am a Master of Journalism. (I know there is more to it than that, but please humor me, if you will.)

So why the blog? Well, as you know, I am done with school. However, I have no idea what comes next, and I am hoping to hash that out with you this summer…

(Ready for another abridged version of my story? You know it!)

So, months and months ago, my older sister decided she was going to take a 6 week road trip around the country before she started her doctoral program this fall. My mom was all like, “Hey, that sounds like a lot of fun… I think I want to come with you.” Of course my mom and sister should road trip it together – mom deserves to partake in some crazy antics with my travel-loving sister.

My mom, dad and our two dogs live in Minnesota, which is about a 14 hour drive from where my sister and I live in Ohio. It was decided by the other members of my family that I should be up in MN for the summer to help my dad take care of their house and be able to house/dog sit if he has to go away for business. One of our dogs is 10+ and not fond of people who aren’t members of our family. She also tends not to eat when my mom is gone (though she usually will if I’m taking care of her…) and cannot ever be put in a kennel. Because I had no real need to be in OH for the summer (except for the fact that several of my closest friends from grad school are still there), I agreed to summer in MN. Besides helping out my family, it would be a good time to work on my thesis stuff and hang out with my dad.

My dad, dogs and I saw my mom and sister off on their epic journey yesterday morning. I know they’ll have fun and I am super jealous of the massive itinerary my sister has planned for them.

While they are enjoying all that America has to offer, I am here, sitting at my parents’ dining room table, trying to wrap my head around what happened during grad school, what’s going to happen this summer, and what’s yet to come…

As of right this very minute, I will more than likely be in MN for at least the next year. *Not* living in my parents’ basement… that’s only happening until August. Then, if I am still in MN, I will be moving in w/my BFF as she is coming here for a Ph.D. program 🙂 But, since she won’t be here till August, my mom and sister are away until the end of July, and it’s still June right now… I got a lot of stuff to get done and I want *you* to be there with me while I do it.

See, I figure you can keep tabs on me while I’m working on my thesis stuff, spending time with my dad, and figuring out my future. I know that’s a lot to ask of a stranger, but give a girl a break, I (almost) have two degrees, have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, and am hundreds and hundreds of miles away from all of my friends.

My lengthy to-do list that sits at my elbow is telling me that I need to be looking for a Father’s Day gift, figure out if the nearby campus’s library has the book I need for my thesis research, fold laundry and finish watching Season One of Party Down (2 episodes left!). The adorable chocolate lab that is resting at my feet is eyeballing several slobber-covered tennis balls that she wants me to throw for her.

All of these tasks, and more, will be accomplished at some point today, hopefully before my dad gets home so we can watch another movie together tonight. Last night we watched “Step Brothers” (2008) and laughed so hard I thought one or both of us were going to fall off our respective piece of living room furniture. There was talk of watching “The Rock” (2006), and I am always up for “The Rock”… so the H is O.

In conclusion – I will be writing regardless if anyone is reading. This will be my own log of thesis progress, father/daughter activities, and musings about grad school/post grad school as I work my way toward figuring out my future and finding a job. This is going to be an interesting summer…