As I start to type this, it’s 3:41 pm CST and I have yet to do any sort of research today. Don’t get me wrong, there was full intention to do research – my notebook is at my right elbow right this very second and I have pages of outlines surrounding my laptop on the dining room table. I have zero motivation for some reason. If anything, I should be energized to get this thesis proposal done because several of my peers already have defended their proposals already… and I am a very competitive person.

Perhaps I feel a bit defeated today since I checked my grades last night and saw that I got a big, fat B+ in one of my classes… For those of you who do not know me, a B+ is basically the equivalent of an F for me. (Again, I remind you I am an uber competitive person.) My overall GPA is not horrible, but it’s definitely not what I was hoping it would be by the end of my graduate career. However, what is done is done and I must accept the grade I got because I know I struggled a bit in that class.

So if I haven’t done any research (yet) today, what have I accomplished? Well, I vacuumed the living room, did the dishes, took care of the dogs, painted my nails, uprighted the felled table on the back deck (the winds are crazy here), sort of repotted 2 of the 4 plants that got knocked over when the table fell, and watched 5 or 6 episodes of Season One of Weeds. So, obviously more important things than research… (I kid, I kid).

I will be doing research at some point today, or at least getting my act together and working on it hard core tomorrow so that this weekend I will feel deserving of some Father/Daughter activities for Father’s Day on Sunday.

Speaking of fathers… my dad and I watched Observe and Report last night. Holy hell, that was not even remotely as funny as we thought it would be, and we like Seth Rogen movies a lot. Sadness! It was nice to see Aziz Ansari in it, as I am a huge fan of his. I just found out that he’s going to be doing stand up in Minneapolis this Saturday, but I cannot find tickets! I can get a single ticket, but I don’t want to go by myself, ergo I will not be attending. Sadness again!

Next up on our Netflix list is Avatar. I already saw this in theaters and was not super impressed by James Cameron’s Ferngully 2.0, but I think my dad will dig it. I like Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana a lot, so I don’t mind watching it again… I’m just so happy it didn’t win Best Picture.

What else, what else?

Oh, we’re under a tornado watch until 9:00 tonight… not cool. It’s been crazy windy all day and storms are a brewin’, much to my chagrin. (Tornadoes are up there on my list of stuff I am most afraid of, right above E.T.)

I guess I will get to some research (or another couple episodes of Weeds… can’t help that). I hope that where ever you are, the weather isn’t super bonkers and that all is well!