Hey there,

I’m sitting an at umbrella-shaded table on my back deck and there are two sleeping dogs at my feet. If I had a cold glass of water and some tylenol, this would be pretty much perfection.

This morning, I looked at my to-do list and told myself that I was going to come out on top, not this ridiculous piece of paper. Luckily for me, I was right 🙂

I did a couple hours of solid research today. I think I have over 50 journal articles in my “Thesis Proposal” folder. I still have to actually read them, and I know I will need more, but I made headway and that is all that I care about right now. I’ve been getting more creative with what I put into the search box of these scholarly article databases and have been pleased with the results. Because my topic has not been written about before, I’m going to have to Frankenstein-together a literature review of anything remotely relating to my topic. It’s going to be ridiculous, basically.

Besides getting some research done, I finished Season One of Weeds! (I will be starting Season Two within the hour… I can feel it). See, my sister watched Weeds awhile ago, and I saw a few episodes here and there and really liked it. After watching the Season One finale while I was eating lunch a couple hours ago, I realized I had seen 1/2 of it before. I’m pretty sure I have seen a majority of Season Two (and Three for that matter), so I will likely be working my way through the next couple seasons in a timely fashion.

(Okay… so the table I was sitting at almost blew over, so I packed up my computer at 3:00 and went indoors…)

It’s now almost 8:30 and my dad and I are watching Role Models. Oh Paul Rudd, you make us laugh so.

(And a deer just walked through the back yard… ridiculous.)

Also, today was episode 9 of Season Two of Party Down… and it was excellent as per usual. I love how all of the episodes center around a catering event and you never get to see the characters outside of their work environment. And the one episode where they were at their company picnic, they were still really in their work environment… That is brilliant. It really sucks that there is only one more episode left of the season (series?). Sadness plus.

Well, I should get back to the movie w/my dad… hopefully I can convince him to go see Toy Story 3 and/or The A-Team this weekend 🙂

(Also, my mom and sister have left on their Alaskan cruise today… lucky ladies!)

Have a great Friday night!