It’s Saturday, which means weekend, which means I don’t have to work on school work, right?

That’s how I played it, at least…

As I was up later than usual last night, I slept it this morning until 8:00… which my body still thinks is 9:00. And I rarely sleep in that late, so kudos to me (?).

I rolled out of bed, fed the dogs and let them outside to run around and such. Cold pizza, strawberries and a bottle of iced tea made for an excellent way to start off the morning while watching two and a half episodes of Weeds Season Two. The plot lines are becoming more and more familiar, as I have previously watched some of Season Two and Three (and Four?) with my sister… I ended up skipping a couple episodes later today, and will likely get to Season Three on Monday. Moving right along… (footloose and fancy free!)

Instead of working on thesis stuff, I spent an hour listening to music on youtube and reading song lyrics from some database. See, last night I heard from a couple of my grad school friends and one of the conversations veered heavily toward music groups from Minnesota. As I only listen to Top 40, oldies and show tunes, I was unaware of most of the bands mentioned and promised said peer I would listen to the music at some point this weekend. So, I listened to an entire album and change from The Replacements… and I dug their sound for the most part. I found some of their songs to be more aurally pleasing than others. Same goes for lyrics – some of the songs were amazing, while others didn’t really do it for me. My favorite song so far was the first one I listened to – Alex Chilton. Though this song was not on the Let it Be (1984) album, this was the first song (well, video) that came up on youtube when I typed in the band’s name.

Listening to the music, while not super productive, at least made me feel connected to my friend who is so far away. I find myself reading or watching things that I associate with different friends from school – as if that small action will somehow bridge the distance gap from Minnesota to Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, or whatever other states my peers are in.


My dad came home from work early today, so I sat outside on a lawn chair and read a magazine while he mowed our jungle of a lawn. I watered the plants in the front yard and on the porch, but I’m fairly sure I didn’t do it right – I think I under-watered everything… whoops. Both of my parents are amazing gardeners, but I did not inherit any of their talents.

My dad and I got James Cameron’s Ferngully, I mean Avatar, in the mail, so we watched that during/after dinner. My dad wasn’t super impressed with it – he liked the visuals, but commented on the weak plot throughout the entirety of the film. He likened it to Jurassic Park and a basic Cowboys and Indians movie. However, when I IMDBed the bad guy, we found out that he played Ike Clanton in Tombstone (one of our favorite movies to watch together). Crazy times.

To break up the long movie, my dad watered all the plants in the backyard and on the deck while I fed the fish in our pond and played with the dogs on the deck. After finishing Avatar, I asked my dad if we could play Trivial Pursuit. He usually would say no, but since he loves me a lot, he agreed ๐Ÿ™‚ He was leading, then I was, then he was, and then ultimately, I was the champion. I won on a History question while he still needed to get an Arts and Entertainment pie piece… he didn’t really stand a chance because he does not know as much about popular culture as me. Oh well – he knows way more important stuff about more important stuff than I do. But I am good at trivia… too bad that doesn’t count for more ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, tomorrow is Father’s Day. He’s taking me to get my fishing license and out to one of his favorite restaurants and stores. I’m trying to convince him to let me buy him the special hunting/outdoors socks he needs. We’ll see if that happens…

He thinks that he’s only getting the Father’s Day card that my mom got him. Little does he know that I drove to the store today and picked out a card for him. Father’s Day cards on a whole are super lame, but I found one with a halfway decent fart joke on it that I know he will get a kick out of.

I hope you and yours have a Happy Father’s Day tomorrow!!