So, I ended up turning off Modern Family before it was over because it was Part 1 of the 2 Hawaii episodes and those were just on a few weeks ago… geez ABC. I started an episode of Weeds Season Four but stopped that after a few minutes too. I realized I didn’t want to watch anything anymore… I wanted to do what any normal person would do:

Play Wii Sports while dancing and singing really loud to a mix of my favorite Broadway songs, of course.

I popped in a CD and turned on the Wii. I had to steal some batteries from the TV remote for the Wiimote, but all was well. As I played Home Run Derby and did some Wii Golf and Bowling practice, I was belting my heart out, much to the chagrin of my two dogs I am sure.

One of the first songs that was up was my current favorite song from The Addams Family Musical – “Crazier Than You”. I love Wesley Taylor and Krysta Rodriguez by themselves, but put them together and you get musical magic 🙂

I would love to have Krysta’s voice, if only for a day, as it is epic in the same fashion as Sara Ramierz, Lea Michele or Idina Menzel.

Krysta has a solo in The Addams Family called “Pulled,” which is also awesome:

The girl can sing.

Know who else can sing? Sutton Foster! L-O-V-E her on the Little Women soundtrack, especially on the song “Astonishing.” Jo March is one of my favorite literary characters of all time – and I’m sure, subconsciously, one of my influences to be a writer – and this song is that character to a friggin’ T. Here’s a short scene from the end of the first Act of the musical… enjoy! (SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t read Little Women or saw any version of the movie… major plot point revealed in the video)

Sooooo good, right? I liken it, impact-wise, to “Defying Gravity” at the end of the first Act of Wicked. Cue goosebumps up and down my arms 🙂

Oh, Little Women… (ready for a tangent?)

So, as I mentioned earlier, Jo March is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. “Christopher Columbus!” (More spoiler alerts for people who don’t know the story – read it already!) She’s not some swoony girl – she’s an independent young lady who befriends the boy next door but instead of falling in love with him, wants to establish herself as a writer. She’s got three sisters who she loves very much, and they’ve all got their flaws (especially Amy, who I will get to shortly). I like how Jo is stubborn and says she doesn’t want to get married to Laurie, or anyone for that matter, but ends up with the German professor guy and still is independent and gets to be a writer.

And while there is a small part of me that wishes Jo would have ended up with Laurie in the end, it’s kinda awesome that she doesn’t, because that would be expected. However, I do not like that Laurie ends up with Amy! What the heck, Louisa May Alcott?! Going off of the 1994 version of the film (which is my go-to source for Little Women these days as I have yet to actually own the book… though I have read it two or three times), Laurie never seemed to love Amy the way he loved Jo. It seems that Laurie married Amy because she was the only March sister left and he wanted into that family come hell or high water. And Amy is so ridiculous (and always had a bit of a crush on Laurie), that she totally married him! That plot point makes me mad every time I watch the movie because I like Laurie (until he becomes a bit of jerk) and I loathe Amy – especially when she does all those heinous things to Jo (like throw her manuscript in the fire and fall into the ice while Jo and Laurie are skating together). I probably especially hate Amy because she is played by Kirsten Dunst (*shudder*), but Amy is still way dislikable anyway.

End rant.

So, with Iron Man Buddy by my side and snoring dogs at my feet and beside my bed, I will call it quits for the night and pick back up with my Jump the Shark book, which is about all the shows, bands and celebrities who have, in fact, jumped the shark. Too bad the book is from 2002, as many more things have jumped the shark by now… like American Idol. But that epic monologue is for another day…

Have a great evening!