Wednesdays usually suck, but I’m watching the Intervention episode of How I Met Your Mother, so maybe today isn’t so bad after all…

After a horrible night’s sleep, the dogs (and a text from my dad, a half day after I texted him…) woke me up at 7:15ish. Come on!

I took care of the dogs and then watched the last couple episodes of Weeds Season Three. I then sat down to my computer to read articles for my thesis proposal. After a few minutes, I was thinking about pizza instead of thesis stuff. I kid you not, as soon as I googled the pizza place near my house, Robin texted me about how she was bored with her thesis stuff too and how she wanted to eat a whole pizza. Obviously brilliant minds think alike. I did some thesis reading and then went to the pizza place and got my pizza (and a salad – because it’s important to eat vegetables, yo!). I’m surprised it cooked all right as I had a lot of trouble working our oven… every time I tried to set the time, it would shut off the temperature. What the what?

(BTW – just saw a commercial for Inception… I can’t wait to see that!)

With the afternoon came rain storms and more thesis proposal reading… about three hours of each. While some of the articles were super interesting, several were not and I really couldn’t take it anymore. So, I did what I thought anyone would do – get the mail from the mailbox and pop in the latest Netflix Blu-ray…

Some back story on today’s Netflix viewing – Leap Year (2010).

Now, I usually will not just sit down and watch a romantic comedy. I have a problem with that genre, as most rom-coms are uber predictable and are often times beyond cheesy. Plus, hugely fabricated love stories are usually not my thing. However, I decided I could use some fluff. Plus, I like Amy Adams, Adam Scott and Matthew Goode, so I figured, “What the heck?”.

Wildly predictable? Yes. A bit too cutesy? Uh huh.

Perhaps I am just not cut out for this kind of schmaltzy movie. I knew I never really fit into the stereotypical “girl” category (I’m not obsessing about any future wedding, I don’t like dresses, I could probably win a burping contest, etc…), but I have a huge problem with damsel in distress movies where the female character has no other purpose but to find (or keep) love. And you are probably thinking, “But Kate, isn’t that the whole point of a romantic comedy?” Maybe… but I just can’t wrap my mind around that because I was raised in a house that stressed gender equality. I know that a woman should not be defined by the man (or woman, if she was so inclined, or lack thereof of a significant other) in her life. And while most movies, regardless of genre, are love stories of some kind, I am often very put off by the rom-com because it makes me think that my morals and standards for myself are irrelevant.

But I digress…

I finished the movie and then did some chores and whatnot. I turned on the TV and found that How I Met Your Mother was on – the Intervention episode! One of the better episodes of Season Four, for sure 🙂 So many great quotes… so little time!

I put So You Think You Can Dance on now, but I’m really just killing time until Modern Family is on 🙂 One of the best new shows of the year, for sure. Ty Burrell is beyond hilarious on that show. Plus, how great are Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson?! And those two little boys who play Manny and Luke? Buh-rilliant.

Tomorrow I will get more articles read, more notes taken, and I have to grocery shop as I am in charge of planning a small dinner party for Friday night.

I can’t wait for the weekend… my dad is taking me to a movie, and I want to go see The A-Team!! Bring on the explosions (and Bradley Cooper and Patrick Wilson… woot!)!

Have a great rest of the week 🙂