Don’t even bother asking – I didn’t get ANY school work done today.

However, I did put together a super successful cookout for a visiting National Park Superintendent, his mom and his two sons – so today was productive.

I woke up later than normal because I was having trouble sleeping last night (surprise, surprise). I fed the dogs, let them run around outside then watched the season finale of Season Two of Party Down while I ate breakfast (oh granola, how I love thee…). As mentioned several times before, Henry (Adam Scott) is my favorite character on the show and I am a big fan of his relationship with Casey (Lizzy Caplan). I thought they had some great moments with each other this episode, and (spoiler alert) it was really great to see Henry get excited about the role in Velour. If the show does run a third season, I wonder if Henry will get the role and that will be an excuse of why he’s not working at Party Down anymore… as I can’t imagine Adam Scott being able to be on Parks and Recreation *and* Party Down. Though that would be pretty awesome if he could do both shows at once…

Instead of reading articles for my thesis proposal, I spent the day doing chores – washing/drying the blankets that cover the furniture (we have dogs – things get hairy really quickly), washing dishes, making brownies, chopping vegetables, straightening the main floor of the house, vacuuming the foyer/steps/living room, etc… I managed to watch half of two separate episodes of Weeds Season Four during lunch and talk to my mom and sister as they had just finished their Alaskan cruise and were in Seattle (they are camping in Oregon tonight – like camping, camping… in a tent. That’s how we roll…)

My dad got home from work around 2, but then had to do a conference call from our living room. We finished getting the house ready and our guests arrived at 5:30.

(Cue the massive thunderstorm, complete with giant cracks of lightning… and heavy, heavy rain… and then the faint sound of what we assume was a tornado siren – though luckily no tornado!)

Now, those who know me best know that I am not a fan of children. The Superintendent had two boys – 13 and 11. They were nice kids and took a liking to Moose, so we had a good time playing catch with the dog, and the younger one described to me some sort of magic quest thing they had done in the Mall of America earlier that day.

I set out massive quantities of food and my dad grilled assorted meats. Assorted meats went over way better than the assortment of fresh vegetables that I had chopped up into fun size pieces… but now at least I will have my pick of vegetables for at least a week. Yay tomatoes and broccoli πŸ™‚

After dinner, I got the boys set up with our Wii – they played some World War II fighter pilot game while I cleared off all of the dinner food and set out an apple pie and the brownies I made earlier. I totally inherited my mom’s ability to put together a seemingly low-hassle get together – woot.

When the family left around 9, my dad and I let the dogs out then cleaned up the rest of the stuff from the gathering. We were done with all our chores and my dad finished washing all the dishes before 9:30. I’m thankful that we did everything tonight so we don’t have to wake up to a mess in the morning.

My dad and I are supposed to go fishing tomorrow – I hope the weather allows for that. Then we have plans to go see The A-Team and try out some Indian place on Sunday. Sounds like a fun weekend to me πŸ™‚ We’ll be getting Drag Me to Hell in the mail tomorrow through Netflix, so we’ll watch that at some point too. It’s supposed to be good – I hope it lives up to the hype.

I will get back to work on my school stuff on Monday. Theoretically I should be getting a lot of school work done next week. I need to stick to that plan…

Have a swell weekend