Oh Lady Gaga, how I love you and your ridonkulously catchy songs. She’s on my iTunes right now and I am loving it!

Well, I wouldn’t say today was super productive, but I did get two more articles read and two more pages of notes typed (the articles were each 20-30+ pages and probably the two most important articles I’ve read thus far… plus I think I might be able to contact the author from one of them, as she has done research along the lines of what I am looking for and I found her on Facebook and a college website… woot!). So I guess I was productive. Yay me πŸ™‚

Let’s see…

Yesterday after I updated this blog, I did go outside and water the plants. I had my iPod with me, so I rocked out to some Glee, which made watering plants waaaaaaaay more fun than it should have been. Yay Glee.

I fed my dogs, let them outside and then finished making dinner… got the lettuce from the porch, made guac, chopped tomatoes and then watched rice boil. Luckily while I was watching said rice reach boiling point, Robin called! We commiserated about our respective theses and traded stories from our respective places of residence. She was on her way to a get-together to say Auf Wiedersehen to one of our (German) classmates who was leaving our little college town for Chicago and other more fun places. I knew about the gathering because of Facebook and was super jealous that some of my friends from school were all going to be in one place at one time hanging out with each other. I was super envious…

We said goodbye and I finished making dinner – perfect timing b/c my dad got home from work right then. We enjoyed chicken nachos, though he could tell I was in a foul mood… probably because I was being extra ornery. I couldn’t help it!

Later my dad did a loop of the yard (I suspect to make sure I watered everything enough – I had). His phone rang and it was my mom! I talked to her briefly, but then my phone began to ring – it was Robin again! I hung up from my mom and got an earful of loud bar when I picked up my own phone πŸ™‚ Oh, school friends.

Robin said hi and then was nice enough to pass her phone around so I could talk to a couple friends and a professor from school. It’s a bit ridiculous how nice it was just to hear familiar voices on the other end of the line (well, air waves… it’s a cell phone, I guess there are no wires). And even though I couldn’t understand what one of the guys was saying (though this was par for course), the phone call made me smile and cheered me up for the rest of the evening πŸ™‚

I called my mom back and both my dad and I got to talk to her. She and my sister are having a lot of fun (though today they had a lot of car problems… and needed new tires and some other procedures done, resulting in a $1000 bill – yikes!). Later that night, my dad and I watched the Best of Dan Ackroyd SNL on Netflix… too funny. The Czech brothers and Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute make me laugh every time! Soooo good!

This morning my dad didn’t have to go into work because he had a late meeting this afternoon about an hour away. So, we watched some Wimbledon and I tried to get some thesis work done, but Moose was just not allowing that to happen. I tried to get her to bring her tennis balls to my dad so I could type in peace, but no luck. Even as I am typing this, she is circling me and dropping wet tennis balls at my feet. Ugh.

I watched Murray defeat Tsonga to advance to the semi-finals (my favorite, Federer is out, sad to say 😦 ) as I finished my lunch. I got back on my computer and started reading this ginormous article about Hegemonic Masculinity… yikes.

Since I get easily distracted, I checked my email and EW.com while I was “working” and saw that Party Down was officially cancelled – sadness! I had a feeling this was going to happen, though… the ratings were way low and there was no way the show would have been tolerable without Adam Scott. (Henry!)

Because this was obviously important news for other Party Down fans, I texted my friend Matt about the cancellation. He seemed to know this was coming too and has already found a replacement show – Louie. I don’t have cable at my house here in MN, so I could not watch it last night, but I heard great things about the show. Good for you, Louis C.K.

We talked about our levels of productiveness on our respective projects (me = thesis proposal, him = a bajillion writing projects) and started hatching plans to marry rich people so I can buy time to figure out what career path I want to take and so he can finance the projects that he wants to launch.

Tangent – Although this would solve some of my problems, I don’t think I would ever actually do something like this. And I am not judging people who do do stuff like this… to each his/her own. I just have this old-fashioned idea that you get married to the person you love and who loves you. If they have money, that’s like an added bonus. But I’m a supported of marrying for love. (I’m also a supporter of gay marriage, for the record… it’s not like the heterosexual couples have done an awesome job holding up the sanctity of marriage with our divorce rate and all the infidelity you see on the news and whatnot… plus the whole thing with some priests being pedophiles… equally not cool.) End tangent.

So yeah… I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I would like to watch films, television shows and/or Broadway shows for a living and write about them. But that’s not a job you just start with… so I have to figure out what I can do until then. Blah.

What else, what else?

We got G.I Joe: Rise of Cobra in the mail today (Netflix – woot). Too bad Joseph Gordon-Levitt is behind a mask the whole time, as I love him…

Tomorrow we might go fishing. That is still up in the air. As I was typing, my brother called to tell me he’s going to try to leave earlier tomorrow than he thought, so he might get here waaaaaay before his original ETA of 1:00 am, which would be great. I’ll still need to clean the bathroom that he and I share on the bottom floor of the house and I need to make sure there are pillows and bedding stuff in the middle room for him (I totally take after my mom…). I can’t wait to see my brother and spend the holiday weekend w/him and my dad πŸ™‚

Have a great Wednesday night!