Hello there,

I’ll say that this will be a quick post, as I am super tired right now, but it’ll likely go on and on… I am verbose.

So, today was a great day. I got absolutely zero thesis proposal work done. But, you know what? I don’t care – I had a great day with my family. So, suck it, thesis proposal!

Yesterday I read one massive article (blah) and took a page of notes (woot) and then spent the rest of the morning/afternoon watering plants, doing laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning the downstairs bathroom. I also had two great phone calls with Robin and Molly J, so that was wonderful to talk to two of my favorite people 🙂

My brother got to the house in the late afternoon – always excellent to see family! We hung out on the deck until our dad got home… nice. We all got into “play clothes” and walked over to a nearby park that has a tennis court. Unfortunately there was no net on said tennis court… though that may have been a good thing, as we would all have likely hit it into the net instead of over it – none of us had played in awhile. We volleyed for a bit, but it was super hot out and we all got pretty worn out fairly quickly. My brother had me laughing so hard I could barely hit the ball. He kept calling me “Cletus” – he said it was because I had six tennis balls shoved in my pockets. That makes zero sense, I know, but it was super funny.

We walked back to the house and I took care of the dogs, read a magazine and switched back and forth between Community and Glee while Dad and Spud (that’s what we call my brother – as in Slimer from Ghostbusters, not the potato) went to the grocery store and then to pick up some pizzas. Once Glee was over, we ate dinner and watched The Boondock Saints, which I had never seen before. Willem Defoe is one ugly dude – yikes. I liked the movie all right… my favorite part was when Defoe was like, “There was a firefight!“. Funny stuff.

After the flick we went to our respective rooms. I ended up finishing the book I had been reading for the past few days – Nicholas Spark’s “Dear John”. I didn’t see the movie, but I have read a couple of his other books and seen some of the other movie adaptations… they are all epically cheesy and not super awesomely written. For example, in “Dear John,” I didn’t think Savannah was written that well. Sparks was not able to really capture what a young woman would have said in the sort of situations and conversations he put her in. I get that this was John’s story, but Savannah said some stuff that just would not come out of a young woman’s mouth. I got two autobiographies (Carrie Fisher and Tracy Morgan) and a biography (Gilda Radner) out from the library as well, so I’ll read those books soon… I am assuming they will all be way better than the schlock I just finished.

This morning I woke up to construction outside. Way to go, 7:15 am construction – blah. I had to take the dogs out back instead of letting them roam the front yard b/c of the construction vehicles and people working. Yukon is super scared of all the noises the machines make, so she was extra skittish – poor girl. Moose didn’t care – she is silly.

My brother and I played The Game of Life (I won!) and Yahtzee (I lost!) then watched Monster’s Inc. while we waited for Dad to get home from work. We all had lunch then went fishing at a nearby lake (that’s probably redundant… there’s a bajillion lakes here in MN, so of course there is one nearby…). Dad and Spud caught bass. I didn’t catch anything, but I totally had some good nibbles and bites. We fished off a pier for a bit, then we decided to wade down the shoreline. I don’t remember the last time I fished when I was knee-deep in water… probably when I was up in Maine when I was younger. It was fun. I stepped on a stick (right on the arch of my right foot) and it hurt pretty bad, but it didn’t break the skin. I also managed to hook my finger once… and it wasn’t even when I was baiting my hook (sorry Mr. Nightcrawler). It didn’t bleed, though, so that was good. Fishing was fun – I think we’re going to go again tomorrow.

When we got back from fishing, I fed the dogs and my dad fired up the grill to cook some ribs. We watched Zombieland and laughed our asses off (I hadn’t seen it before – I loved it!). I love Jesse Eisenberg – ever since The Squid and the Whale 🙂 He and Michael Cera need to play brothers in a movie – that would be awesome.

When the movie was done, we went back out to the deck and made s’mores. We had both dogs out on the deck and the weather was nice – good times. After s’mores, Spud and I chipped some golf balls on the front lawn. That was super lame, however, so we opted to go inside and play some Wii sports stuff… not the usual sports pack, but some archery, ping pong, duck hunt, cow racing, some sort of pong-esque game, etc… We were in the mood for another movie, so we started District 9. About 20 minutes in, I got a massive headache, so we put the movie on hold and will finish it sometime tomorrow.

I’m glad my brother is in town for another day… we’ve all been laughing a lot and it’s been great being able to spend some time with multiple members of the family who I don’t get to see very often 🙂

My mom and my sister are in Arizona now. They had a bunch of car problems in LA and didn’t get to see any of the city at all. I felt bad for my sister, but her car needed to get fixed. Plus, she’s really sick – we all think she has bronchitis. However, she won’t go to a doctor or anything, so she keeps coughing something awful. That girl is crazy.

I didn’t get to watch any Wimbledon today, but I hope to catch some tomorrow and Sunday.

Have a great holiday weekend 🙂