No, I’m not multitasking doing school work… I’m typing this out while watching The Bachelorette.

Now, before you judge (and feel free to do so), I am tuning in because a small part of me wants to see the outcome of the Jake/Vienna fiasco that I knew was going to happen, another small part of me wants to see what is up with Frank – he was my favorite contestant at the beginning of this season, but I know he’s going to break Ali’s heart in an upcoming episode -, and another small part of me likes to see a seemingly nice girl get to go on crazy amazing dates with some seemingly nice guys (they are in Portugal this week, and the 5 guys that are left are the best of the guys from the season… I like Chris L. the best, but I think he’s going home tonight – sadness for him. Waaaaaay tangent – favorite contestant ever on this kind of ridiculous show is Reid from Jilllian’s season. I would have chosen him in a friggin’ heartbeat. Besides being adorable in those glasses, he seemed like a stand-up guy πŸ™‚ ).

Yes, folks, as much as I am the girl who would rather watch an action movie than most rom-coms, I still think it would be epically romantic to be somewhere in Europe getting to see those sites and being with some charming guy πŸ™‚ Awwww…

But back to reality.

It was a muggy, stormy day in MN. As promised, my dad took me to Fleet Farm to get new tires for my car, as well as some windshield wipers. I freely admit to knowing not much about my car, so when I answered “no” or “I don’t know” to a lot of basic questions that my dad had for me about my vehicle, I knew I should probably listen to whatever he suggested for Blue Car.

See, if this girl can’t be all swoony in Europe with handsome gentlemen, getting to hang out with my dad and knowing that I am a loved kid is pretty great too. Spending time with my dad is a good time, regardless of whether he gets me new tires or not πŸ™‚

It’s a real privilege getting to have a pretty lax summer and not having to worry about a bunch of bills and stuff, and I am completely aware of (and super grateful to my family for) that. I am not an uber religious person, but I consider myself very blessed to have been born into and raised as part of my family. I have two loving parents who raised me in a super loving environment, and who have made sure that my siblings and I have had everything we needed growing up. I know now that I had a pretty charmed childhood and I know that it is because of my parents and how they’ve raised us.

(So, on The Bachelorette right now, Frank just told Ali that he lives at home with his parents. And right now, I can be like, hey – I’m at my parents house right now too! But I also totally know that I will be moving into an apartment with my BFF in a couple months… but my parents always told me that I will always have someplace to stay if I needed to. I always joke that my degrees are going to lead me to living in a cardboard box… but my parents said that’ll never happen. Again – another reason why I love my parents!!)

Okay, I’m sure you are not super interested in how much I friggin’ love my parents. But my family is super important to me and I am so thankful that my family is my family πŸ™‚

My dad and I were supposed to go fishing today, but since the weather was crap, we had to scrap those plans. He cleaned out the garage while I was supposed to work on school stuff. Instead I did the dishes (whilst singing to an excellent Broadway mix – woot) and then read a couple pages of school stuff and took a couple sentences of notes. (I am a waste of space, obviously). My dad finished in the garage so I packed up my computer and we watched some SNL on Netflix.

During the Paul Rudd episode, my phone rang and it was Robin!!! We chatted for almost an hour and solved some of life’s big problems. I am pumped to see her and some other grad school friends when I head back to town in less than a couple weeks. Big plans to work on thesis stuff, clean my apartment and hang out with peers πŸ™‚ Seeing friendly faces within my age bracket is worth the 15 hour drive I have ahead of me… right? (Of course!)

Dad and I grilled out again for dinner – he made chicken while I made salads (w/lettuce from the front porch and spinach from the back deck – woot for fresh vegetables!).

Since I’m watching The Bachelorette, my dad has opted to clean his gun/work room downstairs. When this show is over, I’m sure we’ll watch some more SNL πŸ™‚ As I inherited my dad’s sense of humor, we laugh at the same stuff and that seems to make things funnier.

( btw – Both my dogs are sleeping right now – they are kind of adorable.)

And since I’m typing this blog post out now, that means I can watch a movie or read in my room before bed! (I should be productive and work on school stuff, start a script [or at least an outline] of an idea that I kinda have, or work on some autobiographical short stories for the book I was working on… and maybe I will be. Blah! So much to do, so little time. Geez)

Anyways, this post wasn’t awesome – sorry – but today was relatively unproductive and I have a lot of stuff going on in my mind grapes. There’s so much stuff going on in my head that I physically cannot get it all down or express it in words properly. (Cue me not sleeping later!)

Well, I will surely get more school stuff done tomorrow. Dad has to go back to work, so I will have the house to myself (well, besides the dogs, of course). I also need to look at apartments, but I think I will do that on Wednesday. I want to go see a movie too, so maybe that will also be Wednesday… hmm.

Regardless of my plans for tonight and the rest of the week, have a great evening!!