Totally watching television for the next couple hours. I don’t care if you judge – the “Vitamin D” episode of Glee is on, and NBC is showing 6 episodes of Community (including my favorite two episodes thus far, Modern Warfare and Physical Education)!

Too bad Community didn’t get any Emmy nominations this morning… I felt so bad for Joel McHale. He had to read the noms this morning and his show didn’t get nominated for anything, whereas his co-presenter, Sofia Vegara of Modern Family, was able to publicly celebrate as her show, herself and four of her co-stars were nominated.

(btw – On Glee, the guys just did the “It’s My Life/Confessions Part II” mashup… my favorite part of the episode! Every time I’m listening to Glee in the car and I hear this mashup, I can totally do all of the dance/hand moves… I friggin’ love it!)

So, yes, Emmy nominations… I was soooo happy that Glee got 19 nominations – the most of any comedy or drama series. The Pacific miniseries got 24 nods, but I didn’t get through all 10 episodes, so I kinda don’t care. (Sorry!) With regards to Glee, I was super happy that Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer, Neil Patrick Harris, Mike O’Malley and Kristin Chenoweth all got nominated! I was especially happy about Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley, though I was surprised O’Malley’s nomination wasn’t for “Theatricality,” but for “Wheels”. Although, he’s awesome in every episode he’s in, so I’m just pumped he got nominated! 30 Rock also got a lot of nominations… I was glad to see once again Jon Hamm got nominated for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Jon Hamm as Dr. Drew Baird = pure gloriousness. I was also super happy for all the nominations for Modern Family. Yay for Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowan, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson!!!!!! Everyone on that show is so great, I’m glad most of the cast was recognized 🙂 (Poor Ed O’Neill…)

Okay, enough spouting on about my love of television (though, side note, I finished Season 5 of Weeds… way to go Shane!). I did do some school work today. I read 4 1/2 articles and took over 2 pages of notes. I read a really great article today that was saying how it’s important to understand American history and culture when learning about film history and that films don’t just reflect American history, but they are their own history. Nice!

Besides working on school work, I managed to watch probably an hour and a half of videos on youtube… I didn’t mean to get sucked into viral goodness for that long, but I couldn’t help it. I am pretty much obsessed with watching bootleg videos of (Off) Broadway productions, as well as Tony Awards performances from years past, as well as Cabaret acts of my favorite stage performers. So, I pretty much watched almost an hour of various Jonathan Groff performances… I can’t help it – I love him. I want him to be on more episodes of GleeJesse St. James needs to come back! Jonathan Groff might be one of the most adorable people on the face of the planet. He’s just so friggin’ cute and talented. And I love that he and Lea Michele are BFFs. And I saw both of them on Broadway in Spring Awakening a few years ago!!! And guess who else was on Broadway in Spring Awakening awhile after they left? Hunter Parrish! (i.e. Silas on Weeds) Not only is he friggin’ cute as well, but he can sing all right too.

My dad is out of town for the weekend, so I will have plenty of time to work on more school work, watch whatever movies/television I want, and go about business as per usual. Maybe I’ll venture out to the movie theater, though more than likely I won’t. Our street is under construction right now and it’s rough road even getting out of the driveway – yikes. Plus, I should really try and get as much school stuff done as I can since I will be headed out of town myself next weekend – (solo) road trip! I can’t believe that a week from tomorrow, I will by myself in my car for 15 hours again. It feels like I just did that… alas. At the end of the drive, I’ll get to sleep in my bed and next to my baseball bat.

(Now it’s time for the girl’s mashup on Glee! “Walking on Sunshine/Halo” – woot!)

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, I think…

For those of you keeping track of my whacky health over the past few days – still drinking a lot more liquids than I normally do, but the amount has decreased since yesterday. My tongue, besides feeling super dry when I woke up, did not feel swollen at all today. (Thank goodness…) I still have to check my blood sugar. But I will live 🙂

Have a great evening!