Not a proud moment, obviously.

(*note* I will go back and link out to videos, people and websites I mention tomorrow… I am falling asleep at my computer as I type this and cannot think straight)

I apologized right away (about being a dick to my friend), of course, because I knew right after I communicated what I communicated that it was the wrong thing to communicate. But all is well now…

Today has been all over the place. I was on the phone till midnight last night w/my sister talking about Emmy nominations. I then couldn’t sleep and got up for good at 5:13 AM because I was too worried about apartment and job hunting.

I stayed in my room until 7:30ish and then went upstairs – always nice to be greeted by two dogs who just woke up. Have you ever noticed how cute animals are when they are in their waking stages? Adorable.

I let them out, fed them and then let them out again. The grass was super wet, so I had to change sandals while they were eating. Fun times.

I don’t usually watch morning news programs or daytime talk shows, but this morning i watched a bit of The Today Show because Lady Gaga was on. She’s an amazing performer and I loved her new song!! I flipped over to Good Morning America at the commercials because the Top 10 American Idol contestants were on (and I like winner Lee DeWyze, even though I did not at the beginning of the season). Lee and Crystal did all right on their solos, but the Top 10 singing “It’s My Life/My Life Would Suck Without You” (um, steal from Glee much?) was a hot mess and a half. Oh goodness…

Then, I actually watched part of Live with Regis and Kelly. I do not like that show at all, but Jason Segel was on promoting Despicable Me. And I loooooooove me some Jason Segel. He’s funny, he’s adorable, he’s musical, he’s self deprecating, and he’s quick with the one-liners. Would it be so wrong if I put “meet and marry Jason Segel” on my Bucket List?

I talked to my mom on the phone and she helped me locate a camping bag for my dad. He finished packing, I checked email and whatnot.

Best thing I saw online today? Besides my friend Michael Match being a Finalist for Cincinnati Opera Idol (please vote!), a classmate of mine from undergrad is all over the Internet today. Bryson Turner, a stand up comedian and just a stand up guy, was heckled at one of his shows and then he hit the heckler with a solid comeback. And now he’s an Internet sensation! I’m super happy for him… Bryson is a good person. He was in my year of undergrad and he was on the late night variety program I worked on (Fridays Live!). The guy is funny and I hope all of this buzz about him recently helps his career move to the next level. Bryson Turner. Do not forget that name!

After lunch, I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of an SNL episode. Not a great sign… I’m a girl who tries for 8 hours every night, so last night definitely didn’t do me any favors.

My dad left for his weekend thing he had to go to and I sat down at my computer to work on school stuff. I got through 1 and a half super long articles and took another page or two of notes. But then I ended up having a bit of a repeat of yesterday’s youtube extravaganza… though today’s featured performer was Matthew Morrison – i.e. Mr. Shue on Glee. Like Jonathan Groff, Matthew Morrison is downright adorable and is a talented performer of stage and (small) screen.

I shut down my computer and fed the dogs. We played outside for a bit – Moose likes to play tug-of-war with her leash. I made myself a ginormous spinach salad for dinner and sat down to watch the pilot of Pushing Daisies. I am only 1 and a half episodes in, but thus far, I love it. It’s so colorful – like the story sequences in Big Fish or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (you know, Tim Burton and his colorful movies…) and the protagonist makes pies! And the cast is so good!! Lee Pace (swoon) is a very capable leading man. Plus, he’s adorable as all get-out. I will be watching more of that as soon as I’m done w/this post 🙂

Well, first I need to go get a canoe oar from the garage. I left my baseball bat in Ohio and cannot seem to find one here. I used a tennis racket last time, but I think a wooden oar would work better.

I find myself moving about the house as if I am already mostly asleep. This leads me to forget things (like my oar) or say things I shouldn’t have said (the dickish comment to my aforementioned friend). I should refrain from talking to anyone until tomorrow…

So, I hope you are having a swell Friday night. Though it is only 8:21 as I type this, I can tell that bedtime is probably closer than on a normal night…

Enjoy the start to your weekend 🙂