I was fully aware when I went to bed last night that I wasn’t going to sleep well.

1. I was sleeping in a bed on the main floor of the house (i.e. not my bed that I’m used to)
2. I usually don’t sleep as well when I’m the only person in the house
3. Moose (who also slept on the bed) likes to stretch out and kick me, or get up and flop herself onto me to see if I will wake up and play with her/feed her/take her outside.

Even as I type this, I am yawning and my eyes are watering a bit. I’ll sleep better tonight, but two nights of crappy sleep in a row has sucked any ounce of motivation I should have had right out.

That being said, I totally read 3 articles today and got 2 or 3 pages of notes done. However, I know the quality of said notes are probably not awesome because it got to the point where I was copying large chunks of quotes (always citing them, of course) and putting them into my typed notes. I know this is definitely not how one should be taking notes for a literature review, but I kinda didn’t care today.

It’s been a unproductively productive day here at the house. I did the 3 articles/2-3 pages of notes and spent an hour watering all of the outside plants. (Side note – It started raining while I was watering plants. And though I probably looked like an idiot, standing out in the rain lip-syncing along to my “washing dishes” mix on my iPod, and watering plants as the drops hit my OU t-shirt, I kept going. Good thing too, as even though it “rained” for awhile, it was not enough to water the thirsty plants.) I did the dishes, played with the dogs, and made some Chicken Korma with brown rice for dinner (yum, Indian food). I’m sure the house smells like the Bombay House in Bloomington, IN right now, but my nose has been stuffy for months now, so I can’t tell.

What else, what else?

I watched two more episodes of Pushing Daisies and will be watching a couple more when I’m done with this post. I only have three more episodes to go for Season One and then will swiftly move onto Season Two. It’s so good, so I am glad I have all the episodes at the click of the TV remote. However, I also wish there were more seasons for me to watch. Sadness! Pushing Daisies is a great show – it’s got the murder/forensics aspect of Bones and Castle, but it’s more colorful and adorable. I love it 🙂

Tomorrow my father and I are supposed to go look at some apartments… we’ll see how that turns out. He and I are going shooting on Monday and then supposedly for a boat ride (and maybe some fishing?) on Tuesday. I’ll also need to pack up a few things, as I am going back to Ohio for a bit at the end of next week. I can’t wait to see some j-school people 🙂

Have a swell Saturday evening… I’m gonna go watch some Pushing Daisies and maybe some SNL later. It’s the Jude Law episode, and since I met him at the stage door before seeing him in Hamlet, this episode is a bit sentimental for me 🙂 Yay team

Have a good one!