Another bumpy night of sleep – thanks dogs and distant thunderstorms! (ugh)

Although the dogs were ready to get up and go around 6:30ish, I was content with pretending I was still asleep so I could just lay there with my eyes closed and try to convince myself that I was actually asleep. My evil plot was working until 7:41 when my phone gave that “Hey Kate, you have a text!” sound and I fumbled around for said phone only to see it was my father letting me know he was leaving where he was and would be home in a few hours. Awesome.

Since the dogs saw me look at my phone, they knew and I knew that I was up for good. I gave my best to put on my “I’m awake and happy” face for the dogs as I “cheerily” asked them, “Who wants to go outside?” Cue two fairly big dogs getting spazzy and running down the steps into the foyer and dancing about while I slide on my mom’s Crocs and unlock both doors.

It was a cool morning – much cooler than it has been – so I made the decision to turn off the AC and open up the house after I fed the dogs and fish. The dogs finished breakfast and we headed back outside for another few minutes of running around on the wet grass.

Back indoors, I chopped up a banana (each dog gets one of the ends for a treat) and poured some granola on top. I grabbed a yogurt and my water bottle for good measure and brought everything to the living room. Though we have a table in there so one could eat in a civilized fashion, I settled down on the love seat with the TV and Blu-ray remotes and instant streamed Netflixed my way to episode one of Season Two of Pushing Daisies – my new favorite show. (It’s not my favorite show of all time… that’s still 30 Rock… but I love Pushing Daisies so much that it’s probably now in my Top 10 favorite shows of all time. Yeah, it’s that awesome)

Oh Lee Pace, how I love thee and your character Ned, aka The Pie Maker.

The writing for this show is pretty great and I love how colorful it is, even though it’s actually quite morbid. Brilliant šŸ™‚

After an episode, I brought my stuff downstairs and put the canoe oar back to the garage. I showered and checked my email. Then instead of working on anything of importance, I decided I needed another episode of my show. Back to the love seat I went. I got about 3 minutes in when my phone rang – it was my dad and a man he had gone fishing with, and they in front of the house. I had to put Yukon in the middle room downstairs since there was soon to be a stranger in the house and she doesn’t do well with the unfamiliar.

The stranger left and my dad and I watched some SNL during lunch. Dad fell asleep, so I ended up finishing my episode and starting another. Half way into that, I had to turn off my show. Dad mowed the lawn while I looked up apartment stuff online.

Dad came back inside and a few minutes later it was thundering really bad and then a huge rainstorm hit. Though by time we left the house to go look at apartments, the rain wasn’t so horrible anymore. We hit some funky weather on our travels today.

Dad and I drove around for an hour or so and looked at the outside of 5 apartments. All of them were in good neighborhoods, so that was comforting. We’re hoping to actually go look at the insides of a few of them on Tuesday.

After apartments we went to an Irish pub in Dinkytown. We chatted a bit about job and apartment stuff. He asked what my plans were – I told him the job hunt hasn’t been great so far, but that I would take a job, even if I wasn’t super excited about it. He (and my mom) told me that I could live with them so I can save money so I can get out of here one of these days… I love my parents. But I also don’t want to live with them. Though, if it comes to that, it comes to that. (It’s not like I’ll live with them forever.) My sister also said that I could live with her in Kansas. I love my family šŸ™‚

When we got home, Dad gathered up some guns and ammunition for tomorrow (we’re going target shooting) while I looked for jobs. Still not going too awesome, but I found a couple of places that would be kinda cool. Tomorrow morning I am going to update my resume and perhaps apply to some places. I also need to figure out if I can pay my health insurance online and what bank I’m going to need to switch too since my Ohio bank is not here in Minnesota. Blah!

My dad and I watched Gamer. It was all right – a bit odd in places, but overall okay. I remember the trailer being awesome. Good premise, but not an amazing movie. Since my dad will be out-of-town for the next time we get a movie in the mail, I get to pick the next movie all for me… I don’t know what I want yet – I will pick that out once I post this.

(I’m not going to link out to stuff now, though perhaps tomorrow or Tuesday I will have time to do so…)

Have a great Monday!!

(*Note – all links were put in on Tuesday June 13th)