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So, I got bed late again last night and woke up at 5:30. I could hear my dad upstairs (he had to get to work early today), but I was determined to fall back asleep. Usually once I’m up, I’m up. To get myself to fall back asleep, I need to clear my mind of all the stuff I’m worrying about and concentrate on an alphabetized list. Usually I do movie titles or actor’s names, but this morning I opted for all things Broadway. I started from the end of the alphabet. It was hard thinking of “Z” stuff, so I finally just thought of shows, actors, characters or songs that had a “Z” in their name. I think I went with “Wizard of Oz,” “Liza Minnelli” and “Crazier Than You” (I always try and name at least 3 things per letter…). I had to do the same schtick when I got to “X,” as the only show I could think of was “Xanadu“. I got up to “R” and then must have fallen back asleep because the next think I knew I was being woken up by the sound of barking dogs. I looked at my clock – 8:42. Awesome 🙂

I crawled out of bed and went upstairs. Cue massive amounts of kisses from the two best dogs on the planet. I let them out and gave them breakfast while I started chopping bananas for my own food needs. I took the dogs outside again, fed the fish/leeches/snails in the tank, poured some granola and watched the rest of the episode of Pushing Daisies I had started last night.

I cannot stress how much I friggin’ LOVE this show. I like it more and more with each episode I watch. I’m sad I only have 9 more episodes left of the whole series. I want the DVDs sooooo bad 🙂 I love Lee Pace and the way he delivers all his dialogue. Brilliant. In fact, I love Lee Pace so much, that he dictated which movie I decided to get in the mail from our Netflix queue while my dad is away this week. I was wrestling between Taking Woodstock (which would have fulfilled my love for all things Jonathan Groff) and The Fall (Lee Pace movie from 2006 where he plays a stunt man who is now a paraplegic, and he tells stories to a little girl where he is a Bandit.) I watched the trailers to both movies and the comments… The Fall is supposedly one of the most gorgeous movies made in the past few years, cinematographically speaking. So, The Fall will be here soon… I can’t wait!

This morning I heard from my mom and sister who were on their way to Charleston, SC. I multitasked and painted my nails. I also made my sister laugh so hard that my mom had to take the phone away from her because she was choking too hard from laughing. Yeah, I’m that funny 🙂

I called two of the apartment places my dad and I looked at yesterday and will be touring at least one of them tomorrow. The second one might now happen, as the guy never called me back to set up the time. I will call again tomorrow morning before I head out to the first place.

I spent the rest of my morning waiting for that phone call that never came. During that time, I attempted to update/re-format my resume. Holy hell, that was an arduous process. I got it down to one page, but I think it still looks like a hot mess. Blah!

I managed to make lunch, watch another episode of Pushing Daisies (!) and let out the dogs again before my dad and I had to leave for the shooting range place.

On the way up there, we met up with my dad’s fellow gun enthusiast, Matt.

To preface this afternoon – both my dad and Matt are serious about firearms. Like kids in a candy shop, if you will. I, on the other hand, do not know a whole lot about guns, nor have I shot anything in well over a decade. Guns are fine for recreation and for cops and all, and I do respect their power and ability to physically/mortally harm people and such. I don’t mind shooting guns for fun with my dad, but I’m not about to join the NRA or anything.

So, the three of us got to the range and it was almost comical the amount of guns and ammunition that was unloaded from our van and Matt’s truck. We took up all four tables at the 200 meter shelter.

My dad brought a .22 for me, but I told him I didn’t just want to shoot this pussy gun the whole time. I did end up sticking with the .22 for a majority of the day – it was super easy to reload and I could shoot 10-25ish shots at a time if I wanted too. This gun also had a lot less of a kick-back that everything else I fired today. I have huge hands (for a woman) and am pretty strong, but some of those guns were too powerful for me. I will totally have bruise on my shoulder tomorrow… a badge of honor, if you will.

Matt had this .308 sniper rifle and some other super impressive gun (i’ll add pictures later). I actually was pretty good with the sniper rifle. I only took four shots at the torso target, but two were to the chest and one was right where someone’s eyes would be.

My dad had these two World War II rifles from Poland the former Czech Republic that were pretty sweet. One of them had a bayonet attached to it – awesome. They were really heavy and had a huge kick-back. And after you fired each bullet, you had to pull the lever thing to get the next bullet in the chamber, and the brass from the prior bullet would go flying… also awesome.

We shot rifles for probably three hours. Then we moved on to handguns. Talk about flying brass… I was sitting probably 5 or 6 feet away from my dad and Matt when they were shooting and I totally was getting hit with the shells! They let me try a bunch of handguns. My first few tries were not all that great. I definitely hit the wooden frame of the target way more than the actual target. Wood was splintering and flying everywhere. The .45 magnum handgun was my worst of the day… it was physically too big for my hands. My right wrist was going everywhere and I did some bad shooting.

We set up another torso target and stood about 7 meters away and let loose several magazines. I did way better doing this – I aimed first for the shoulder and then the stomach area and afterward the target actually reflected that 🙂

No, that's not the Smoke Monster from Lost...

We left the range after 4 1/2 hours… it was a nice day for being outside. The weather was ideal 🙂 I am going to be warn out tomorrow, though, I can tell.

By time my dad and I got home, Ali was on her second home date on The Bachelorette – it was Chris L! He’s too adorable. I’m so glad he didn’t get sent home tonight… I still am questioning Frank, though, especially with all those “Next time on The Bachelorette” commercials they keep showing.

My eyes are closing! I’m sure I could write more… maybe I’ll expand on this post at a later date. I’ll definitely link out to stuff so people (like me) who have no idea about gun stuff will be able to see what I was talking about 🙂

Have a great evening!

P.S. The All Star game is on tomorrow night!!!!! Let’s go American League 🙂

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