I had my dad wake me up before he left work work this morning so I can get used to waking up freakishly early for when I head back to Ohio on Friday. Ergo, I was stirred from my sleep (and a pleasant dream about a boy from undergrad – we were walking to a movie theater to see Inception… awww) and reluctantly crawling out of bed at 5:45.

I immediately carried both of my pillows to another bed in the house and laid down. Moose jumped up on the bed and snuggled up next to me like a living body pillow. After five minutes, I knew I had to get up and go on with my day with no sleeping breaks of any kind – this is my version of conditioning for a 15 hour car trip. I’ve been yawning since I woke up – this is likely to be how Friday goes. But I have so much caffeinated soda and gummy candy to help keep me awake. Plus a bunch of mix CDs. How I love my mix CDs.

At 6:00 am, I put on my first episode of Pushing Daisies for the day. I must have had my eyes shut when I yawned during the opening credits because I didn’t catch any of the guest stars names until I shouted them out at the television screen as each person appeared. I scared the dogs when I yelled “ERIC STONESTREET!“. (I wanted to text my sister right away, but it was only 7:00 am where she is, and I knew she wouldn’t be awake yet.) The bake-off episode might have been one of my favorites thus far simply based off of the ridonkulously adorable outfits that Ned and Olive were wearing πŸ™‚

When my episode was over, I fed the dogs and let them outside for awhile. Since the street construction wasn’t going to start until later in the day, I figured I’d let them enjoy the quiet of the morning (Yukon is super scared of loud noises and machinery, among many other things… poor girl).

We came inside, I fed the fish et al. in the tank then poured some granola and yogurt (I was out of bananas – sadness). Moose sat with me on the couch as we watched another episode of my show. I laughed out loud multiple times. This was mostly because the show is funny, but partially because I’m super tired. I’ll laugh at pretty much anything when I’m tired… it’s something I get from my mother.

Though I could have watched my remaining episodes right then and there, I opted to throw in a load of laundry and clean both of the bathrooms in our house. I grabbed my iPod, put on my “Washing Dishes” mix (I should rename it “Any sort of house chore mix”), started singing and scrubbing the sinks, counters, etc… Listening to music and singing like I’m starring in whatever show where the present song would be appropriate pretty much gets me through all house chores or other crummy tasks like packing. Even as I type this up, “Don’t Rain on my Parade” (Glee version) is playing and I am Rachel Berry/Fanny Brice. That’s just the way it is… (Now, I’m not dillusional to think that I sing half as good as Lea Michele and Barbra Streisand, but I think I can hold my own among us commoners. Especially with show tunes…)

After cleaning, I went online to check emails and read the (entertainment) news of the day.

Due to feeling epically tired, I opted to plant myself in the recliner and call my mom. By this time it was after 9:00 (so 10:00 where she was) and I knew she and my sister would be up and likely on the road. I was right on both counts – they were en route to Colonial Williamsburg. I had been there the summer after 7th grade, but neither of them had experiences this little blast from the past.

My mom answered the phone the way that my sister usually answers the phone when I call (which I will not type, as it is a derogatory word against a certain sect of white people), so I thought for a moment it was my sister. I was wrong and got laughed at – I blamed my tiredness and my mom laughed at me some more. I’m glad I can bring so much joy to my family πŸ™‚ I chatted with my mom for awhile and told her what I had accomplished thus far and what I was going to be up to the rest of my day. I told her some of my woes – she listened and told me she loved me. Awwwwwwwww, moms πŸ™‚

After I got off the phone with her, I went outside to put the trash bin back in its spot and clean up a bit, as we were expecting rain and storms. About 10 minutes after I got in, it rained for awhile. Luckily we didn’t get any of the bad storms they were expecting for here (we had a tornado watch until 4 – blah). Yukon (who is even more fearful of storms than I am) followed me around for most of the day, but when she calmed down, I figured that we were in the clear, weather-wise.

The dogs and I watched another episode of Pushing Daises. Upon its conclusion, I let the dogs back outside. Of course right then, a huge piece of machinery was rolling its way down the street and Yukon bolted to the porch as fast as her spindly legs would carry her. Moose froze where she was and just fixated on this massive white thing that was making lots of noise. I finally asked her if she wanted a biscuit and that got her attention. She also ran to the porch and I let them inside and gave them treats.

I made lunch and settled down to another episode of Pushing Daisies (I only have 2 left!). I am going to be so sad when I am out of episodes… I need to buy these DVDs. Soon, if possible. (They weren’t at Target the other day, or else I would have bought them then.)

After my show, I got the stuff out of the dryer from this morning and out the blankets back on their respective piece of living room furniture. I also tried to re-anchor on of the fake plants in the fish tank that had come loose. However, as soon as I stuck my arm in there, the bigger of the two catfish tried to attack my hand. Needless to say, I yanked my arm out of there and the fake plant is now in the kitchen.

Sticking with my streak of chores, I opted to vacuum the entire top floor of our house. Everything was fine and dandy until the tablecloth in my parents room got caught in the vacuum and pulled down the entire table it was on. The only casualty was a really nice lampshade that I knew my mom liked a lot. Whoops. (I am really not a klutz, but I tend to accidentally destroy stuff sometimes. Like the time I pulled the legs off my mom’s Francie Barbie doll when I was little. And I think I broke the lens on one of her cameras. Etc…)

I did manage to do the dishes without breaking anything in the kitchen – woot. By this time, it was only 1:45. As I was impatiently waiting for my Netflix movie to come in the mail, and I knew the mail didn’t come until around 3, I opted to take a cold shower (it’s ridiculously hot and muggy here today – blah). Yukon must have sensed some more bad weather or something (sometimes she just likes to keep tabs on who ever is still in the house), because she opted to stand guard for me outside of the shower and even tried to jump in once. (She used to hop into the tub, whether it was empty or full of water, when she was a puppy – it was kinda adorable)

So fresh and so clean, clean, I checked my email again and when the clock hit 3:00, I asked the dogs if they wanted to go outside. (Yes.) We went outside into the humid disgustingness. They ran around the yard while I gathered the recycling bin and grabbed the mail. My movie was here!!

We went inside and I gave them treats then grabbed a soda for myself. Yukon opted to nap on her dog bed while Moose joined me on the couch to start watching The Fall (2006). Now, I got this movie based on it starring Lee Pace, watching the trailer and reading some user comments.

The Fall was gorgeous – and I ain’t just talking about Lee Pace. The visuals were amazing – the opening black and white sequence was beautiful, the muted green hospital scenes were beautiful, and the vibrant sequences for the epic story being told by Pace’s character were beyond beautiful. The plot was way depressing, but the relationship between Pace’s paraplegic protagonist and that little girl with choppy English was handled really well. Pairing a late 20s man with a maybe 6 or 7 year old girl could have been a bit of a mess, but they were so good together. I don’t cry at movies often, but the end of this one almost had me going… so good. So sad. But so good.

Lee Pace is a very capable actor. He’s not just good looks, nice arms, super thick eyebrows and beautiful eyes – the man has the ability to evoke all sorts of emotions without saying anything. But when he does talk, the timber of his voice wraps you up like a thick blanket. And while I love him as The Pie Maker on Pushing Daisies, it was nice to see a full range of emotions (joy, anger, sadness, desperation, hopelessness, etc…) in The Fall. I know I have seen a few more of his movies (Infamous, The White Countess), but only really remember him from Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Side note – he should play John Cusack’s brother in a movie.

I made it through the movie and might watch it again with commentary…

(Cue me saving a draft of this post and shutting off my computer)

Okay, so I just got done watching it again with commentary from Lee Pace and two of the writers (there was a director’s commentary as well, but since I have already expressed my extreme interest in Pace’s voice, this was the obvious commentary choice for me). Not only was the commentary really great and informative, but I caught so many more details of the movie and appreciated it even more. I definitely need to own this film at some point soon!

I also just got a text from my friend Ashley wondering when I would be back in town and able to grab drinks with her and Amanda. 3 cheers for grad school peers πŸ™‚ Looks like Saturday night is going to be spent at Boogie on the Bricks… I can’t wait to see friends!

Well, I need to get to sleep, as I plan on getting up early again tomorrow. Plus, I have both of the dogs sleeping next to me, so I’m assuming this will be a bumpy night’s sleep anyhow. They are super heavy breathers, especially with this horrific weather. The AC is on, but they have fur coats on, so I understand the panting…

Have a good one!