Word to your mother.

So, I know I owe this blog a massive post recapping my time in Ohio. That’s still not going to happen right now, as I am physically too tired to keep my eyes open for much longer (and it’s only 10:30 as I’m typing this… blah).

But, I can give you a recap of a recap…

Friday: 15 hour car ride

Saturday: Campus to check email, run into my friend Ashley (plan to go out that night to Boogie on the Bricks/drinking), run errands, not able to find Pushing Daisies DVDs anywhere, pack/clean apartment, plan to see Inception the next day w/my best guy friend (who everyone and their mom knows by now that I had feelings for him for the entire school year) meet up with the girls to have drinks at several bars, get drunk and text friend to try and get him to come hang out, go to another bar, said friend ends up coming and we talk for multiple hours as I proceed to flirt/hit on him

Sunday: Meet up with friend to see Inception, as the credits roll after the movie he turns to me and tells me he has something to tell me, which results in this (I = Ralph Wiggum in this scenario…):

Sunday (con’t): He and I talk some things out, then I have to drive home in the worst rain storm I’ve ever been in in my entire life, I call Robin later and we had a much needed epic conversation (I love you, Robin!!), too worn out to pack so I begin to write a short story as this entire day is prime material for a story/script

Monday: (Awkward) brunch with group of friends, I cancel my bank account in preparation of moving to MN, I call my mom and tell her that I can leave OH on Wednesday instead of Thursday because I cannot stand to be in town anymore because of the prior day’s events, I go see Eclipse because I needed a good laugh, then I went over to Robin’s for the rest of the evening and she made dinner and we made cupcakes and it was really great getting to spend time with one of my favorite people I’ve gotten to know this past school year :), got back to my apartment only to find I have a phone message from my mom saying that my dad had a bit of an accident and was in the hospital and had to get staples in his head. We agree to leave on Wednesday for this family emergency, which is fine by me seeing how I was embarrassed to be in town any longer than I needed to be.

Tuesday: Went over to Matt’s apartment to get my DVDs back/say goodbye before I left town for good, went to campus to check email, went home to clean/pack, my mom and sister got in at 4 and we unloaded my sister’s car, Robin came over b/c I wanted her to meet my mom and the four of us went to The Coffee Cup for dinner. I opted not to go into town to the group gathering at Casa…

Wednesday: My mom and I drive 15 hours back to MN… my dad is doing fine. The staples aren’t as bad as I thought. I meant to go to bed early, but ended up chatting online with a seemingly nice guy from the dating website Robin suggested I sign up for… 🙂

Thursday: Errands with my mom, accidental 2+ hour nap, dinner at the dining room table w/mom and dad – it’s super weird being here with both parents.

And that’s about it for the recap of the recap. And maybe this is all you’ll get… though I am pretty sure I should be working some of this weekend into some sort of story or script. Even though there were more tears than I would have hoped, I’m sure I am going to be laughing about most of this sometime soon. I’m going to take inspiration from Jason Segel (LOVE him) and use all of this humiliation (you don’t even know the half of it…) for comedic effect. 🙂 See, look at me moving forward… woot.

Anyway, sorry for the lame posts these past few times. I’m out of my routine/rhythm, but I will get that back soon.

Have a good one!