I was watching Bandits with my dad, but was too tired to make it through the whole movie… but that’s totally my favorite line 🙂 (But, of course this scene can’t be found on youtube… at least not in English)

So, today was Friday, but my days of the week are epically thrown off.

Woke up this morning and breakfast with my parents (this will be weird for awhile, I’m sure…). I then went back to my room and read an article for my thesis proposal (first time I had done that in weeks… yikes). Since one was more than enough right then and there, when I finished, I went up to the deck to see if my mom needed any help with gardening stuff. I brushed out the dogs, then went back downstairs to find four hummingbird feeders. Upon fetching them, I was sent back downstairs to try and locate two big “S” hooks to hang a couple of the feeders – no dice.

However, around that time, my phone rang and it was Robin! (And you don’t get the most shout outs just because I know you’re the only one who probably reads this… you get them because you are a rock star for being such an awesome friend 🙂 ) Catching up on awkward sauce stories and thesis woes is always good times!

Back on the deck, I played with the dogs while Mom gardened and we all took a lunch break to regroup. I then headed back down to my room to do more thesis stuff (another article or two read… that’s 39 or 40 articles down, and 22 pages of notes – woot). I will do more tomorrow while my parents are out on the boat for part of the 2-day canoe race that’s going on.

I would have done more today, but I was physically falling asleep with my computer in my lap (much like I’m doing right now… blah). So, I went upstairs, grabbed the mail (magazines!), took my water bottle out of the fridge and headed back to the deck. My mom took a drink break with me, then I read while she finished up some planting stuff.

I helped my parents put together dinner – mom and I made pasta salad with vegetables we picked from the garden while my dad grilled on the deck. Afterwards, I let the dogs outside – they dragged me over to the neighbor’s yard where, after 6 weeks, the neighbor finally said Hi to me and introduced herself. (People in our neighborhood have hardly acknowledged my presence, even though I am a stranger who has been here for almost 2 months now… what the what?!)

My mom and I then took a page out of Pushing Daisies and baked an apple pie, as we had a bunch of apples that we needed to get rid of before they got all mushy. The pie was so cute (and way yummy) – although it made the house smell like Thanksgiving. Oh well!

Dad ordered me to bring up some DVDs so we could pick on to watch… I think I brought up around 20. My mom said that I have too many DVDs (I have 300+…) and that I could probably have a wall of them. I told her that is exactly what is on my Bucket List – to one day have an entire wall full of DVDs. Arranged by year of release, of course.

So, from the 20 or so movies I picked out, we opted for Bandits. It’s a pretty good movie – I had only seen it once a long, long time ago, but I totally say “Beavers and ducks” at least once a week since that initial viewing.

And now it’s time to shut down the computer, read some HP7 (can’t wait for the movie!!) and go to sleep.

Have a good one!

P.S. Totally watched an interview of David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel from Comic-Con about next season of Bones. I friggin’ love that show (even though I am mad at David Boreanaz for cheating on his wife… what the heck, yo?!)… and was reminded how much I loved the 100th episode 🙂