Yeah, I was totally just watching the SNL Best of John Belushi. That guy was brilliant – it’s a shame what happened to him.

Sunday, Sunday…

So, as per the past few days, I woke up and had breakfast with the family. It’s still super weird, but at the same time it’s kinda nice too. I love my parents, and to be able to spend time with them while I’m an adult is actually kind of nice. I’m trying to think of it as nice because I know I’m not going to be here living with them for all eternity. So while I am here, I am going to appreciate that I get to hang out with my parents who are two pretty awesome people.

After breakfast we all went our separate ways while still remaining on the property. Mom went out front to garden, Dad went to the garage to make sinkers and I went to my room to read some more articles and take notes for my thesis proposal. (Now, I keep saying “my room.” This is actually erroneous. I don’t have a room in this house, as this is not where I grew up… however, there are two bedrooms on the bottom floor where I am staying and almost all of my boxed/bagged stuff is being held in one particular room, so I say that it’s “my room” but really it’s just a holding area until I get my personal life together and am able to move up and out.)

I find it rather odd that some of the shorter articles I’ve been reading have provided me with the most notes/information about stuff relating to my thesis topic. A ten page article yielded over an entire page of single-spaced typed notes. Oh well – I need all the information I can get!

Though I did read stuff for school, I totally caught up on Comic-Con stuff from yesterday… I can’t help it. I love popular culture.

Also, I got an email from my aforementioned best friend of 15 years (shout out to you, Molly J!). She said I had a typo on a previous post and that we did not have a falling out. So, I am retracting said statement here. Hopefully this means what I think it means… 🙂

After I couldn’t stare at my computer anymore, I went outside to see how my parents were doing. Our landline rang, so my mom went in to answer it (it was her mom). I went and looked at what my dad was working on, then decided it was a good enough time to repaint my toenails (still blue… they just needed touching up). Then my dad and I played some ping-pong until we decided it was time for lunch.

I helped my parents set the table and get stuff together. We sat down and planned out the rest of the day – more gardening for mom, more garage work for dad, and more articles for me. We would reconvene at pie-o’clock (which today happened to be 2:30) for pie and Yahtzee.

Mom kicked my ass in Yahtzee (as opposed to yesterday when I was the overall champion). I decided I couldn’t do school work anymore today, so I offered to water all the plants on the deck. I grabbed my iPod, put on my Broadway mix, let the dogs out on the deck with me and spent the next hour watering flowers and singing along to some of my favorite songs from the Great White Way. After than I hung out with my mom on the wooden chairs out front, then opted for a cold shower before dinner instead of more homework. (Sorry to all you Ohio people and others in areas where it is hot as balls outside… it’s actually been super nice in MN. Low 80s and breezy… woot)

Mom fed the dogs and I let them outside before the people in the household sat down to pizza and a movie. I had Netflixed The Invention of Lying (2009). My dad made sure I was aware throughout the movie how much he was not enjoying it. I didn’t mind it, but I also expected more from Ricky Gervais. Alas. We’ll send it back tomorrow. I did appreciate all the cameos, though.

After that, I decided it was high time I started watching Dexter. I finished the pilot episode and have a feeling I am going to get hooked on this show rather quickly. I like Michael C. Hall just fine, and even though I am fully aware of what happens in subsequent seasons, I’m still intrigued. I like bloody murder mystery shows, so this is right up my alley.

Upon the episode’s conclusion, my dad announced that it was time for some Best Of. I opted for Belushi because I’m in the middle of reading a biography of Gilda Radner, and I knew she was friends with Belushi, so it seemed fitting for me. I love watching Belushi – especially when he spins himself out of frame or off stage.

I checked my email before I started typing this out and saw that I had a message from the guy from the dating website. I logged on and scanned it – he seemed to understand that I have a lot going on right now, which was nice. (My head feels like it is going to explode on a daily basis…) I know he wasn’t super happy about what I said, and he mentioned that he would rather have this kind of discussion over the phone. Well – sorry, Charlie Bucket. What’s done is done.

I need to figure me out.