August 2010

Thank God for Glee, that’s all I’m saying…

After feeling uber crappy yesterday, I woke up feeling still a bit off, but mostly incredibly sore on the left side of my body. Did I sleep wrong? Is my body just deciding to fail on me? Maybe… I wouldn’t have been surprised if my right arm hurt from playing catch with my dad the other day (I hadn’t thrown a softball in several years), but nope… the left side is the hurty one (yep, “hurty”. Not a word, but I use it all the time. Deal with it.)

So, after asking my mom to shoot me to put me out of my misery (she said no), I wandered back down to my room after breakfast to get working on my Literature Review… I did get a little bit more written, but I mostly misused my time by checking email, reading up about the Emmys telecast, and rewatching the Emmys’s opening video another few times. I still think this is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen – props to you, Jimmy Fallon, for making my mind grapes explode with your inclusion of my favorite things (Glee, Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Joel McHale, etc… LOVED IT!)

After noon, my mom and I took a lunch break only to return to our respective locales afterward. (She spent the day vacuuming and straightening the upstairs and foyer… they look marvelous) I nestled back down into my oversized red recliner and watched the Emmys video another couple times. I did do a bit more work, but for the amount of time I was supposed to be working on my paper, I know I didn’t get as much done as I should have. For shame, Me, for shame.

At 2:45 Mom and I took a drink and Yahtzee break. After I returned to my room, this time to fold laundry. I got a few items folded but then ended up talking on the phone with Robin for awhile πŸ™‚ Talking to a friend about thesis stuff should count toward actually doing thesis work, right? Because we totally talked shop for an hour…

My dad got home from work early, so I ditched my laundry and went upstairs to see my parents. We watched the news with dinner (I almost teared up during a package about parents who returned home from the war!) then I finally finished folding my laundry. I caught the tail end of Entertainment Tonight and they said that on tomorrow’s show they would have video of the rehearsal footage from the Emmys opener… I will have to make sure to watch that at some point. Seeing Jon Hamm rehearse choreographed dance moves is probably going to be excellent television…

Around 7 I headed back upstairs and flipped on the television to watch the President’s address to the nation about the combat troops being pulled out of Iraq. I like the way he delivers speeches, but I was not impressed with the camera work. Every now and again there was a slow zoom that was super noticeable. I don’t know who is in charge of directing or filming these speeches, but it wasn’t as smooth as they probably hoped it would go, visually. Nice try.

And then, the highlight of the evening… two reruns of Glee (Glee-runs?)!!!!!!!!

Although “Home” and “Bad Reputation” are not two of my favorite episodes, both have brilliant moments in them that I love Love LOVE!

“Home” – So many musical numbers, so little time. I love the return of April Rhodes… Kristin Chenoweth is an amazing talent. I love her voice and that character is great. April and Mr. Schue’s duet of “Fire” is solid. But the musical highlights of the episodes are care of Mr. Burt Bacharach. Kurt’s version of “A House is not a Home” (w/a little help from Finn…) is a sucker punch to the gut, as is April and Mr. Schue’s duet of “One Less Bell to Answer/A House is not a Home“. And, anytime Mike O’Malley is on as Burt Hummel the audience is guaranteed some solid scenes between Burt and Kurt (and now Burt and Finn). Burt and Kurt bring the most heart to Glee, and it’s great to see their father/son relationship, as it is one that is not often portrayed very well (if at all) in the media. Another great thing about this episode are the messages about body image. Having Quinn befriend Mercedes like that was a great idea πŸ™‚

“Bad Reputation” – This episode showcases one of my most favorite musical numbers in all of Glee thus far, “Run Joey Run”

There are so many great things about this video… The cheesetastic wipes. The horrible, horrible over-acting (Puck on the bed… holy hell, that is funny stuff). The incredibly confused and pissed looks that Jesse flashes to the other guys throughout the video (LOVE Jonathan Groff! He needs to be on Glee all the time…). Just the utter camp-factor of it all. Oh how I love it so πŸ™‚

My other favorite part of this episode is the “Total Eclipse of the Heart” sequence. The jealous looks from Finn, the passionate singing and dancing from Rachel and Jesse (love the ballet part!!!), and the fact that even though this is a horrible ballad I love this song so much and sing it on a regular basis because it is so cheesetastic.

Glee is grand. I cannot wait until September 21st when new episodes air πŸ™‚ Although 30 Rock is still my favorite show, Glee comes a close 2nd. I am a Gleek, and I am proud of it πŸ™‚

More school work tomorrow, for serious.

Have a good one!

P.S. My thoughts about the Emmys:

– I’m glad Modern Family won Best Comedy. That show is amazingly funny and is a more traditional comedy than Glee is. Although I would have been happy if 30 Rock won again or if Glee took the prize, Modern Family is a worthy show and I’m happy that it won Best Comedy, Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy (LOVE Eric Stonestreet!) and Best Writing for a Comedy

– Yay for Jane Lynch winning Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy πŸ™‚ Sue Sylvester is iconic, Jane Lynch is brilliant, and she deserved it πŸ™‚

– I felt bad that Lost didn’t win anything, but I did enjoy Jimmy’s bit about Lost… especially when he said “We have to go back. We have to go BAAAAAAAAACK!” Note Perfect!

– Even though I love Mad Men and was glad they won Best Drama and Best Writing for a Drama, I am not a fan of that Matthew Weiner guy. I thought he was pretentious with his speeches. Blah him.

– Jimmy Fallon did an amazing job as host. His opening number and interstitial bits were great *and* the show somehow ended on time. Besides the opening part, my favorite Jimmy moment was when he introduced Tom Selleck πŸ™‚

– Even though I have only seen a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory, I was so happy Jim Parsons won Best Actor in a Comedy! Yay for him!! His speech was pretty cute πŸ™‚

– I need to watch Temple Grandin.

– This was the most entertaining telecast I can remember… yay Jimmy Fallon! I’ve been on the Jimmy Fallon bandwagon for many years now… I’m glad to see him doing an amazing job all the time πŸ™‚

So, after another night of not sleeping (oy), I was woken up by my mom at 7:30 so we could be out of the house by 8 to go to the Minnesota State Fair.

I was a first-timer. To preface, I’m not one for huge crowds at amusement parks or whatnot, and the State Fair reminded me a lot of something like an amusement park. Luckily it was a Monday morning (and a hot one at that), so it wasn’t too crowded.

We got there and went straight to the Miracle of Life pavilion… baby livestock!! I love farm animals, so it was awesome to see newborn pigs, goats, cows, rabbits, chicks and ducks. ADORABLE!! The baby cows reminded me of Moose (even though she’s a dog) and I wanted a baby pig so bad! Baby pigs are so cute πŸ™‚

Then we went into the Horse building. I love horses – they are in my top five favorite animals of all time (along with dogs, buffalo, manatees and elephants). And, call me crazy, but I love the smell of horse manure. It has the same effect on me that an aromatherapy candle might have on someone else… it’s calming and gives me a sense of serenity or home (we used to have a horse when I was really little… plus I used to ride in Girl Scouts and college. And I used to volunteer at a horseback riding facility that gave lessons to adults and children with mental and/or physical disabilities). I’m going to look online tomorrow to see if there are any horse rescue facilities nearby to see if they need volunteers. I loooooooooooove horses.

After that we checked out the swine building and saw a bunk of pigs, including a ginormous boar names Reggie. Yikes.

We walked around, ate fair food (cheese curds… and I had Pina Colada flavored shaved ice). And even though I didn’t sample any, there was bajillions of food carts that featured any food item you could think of on a stick. Key Lime Pie on a stick. Mac & Cheese on a stick. Cheesecake on a stick. Bacon on a stick. Scotch Egg in a Meatball on a stick. Fried Fruit on a stick. Fried vegetables on a stick. Chicken nuggets on a stick. Etc… Ridonkulous.

We only lasted at the fair for about 3 hours because it was ridiculously hot, especially in the buildings (no AC to be had).

I’m not awesome when it comes to being in the sun or exposed to heat/hot weather, so that combined with my lack of sleep the past few nights kinda sent me over the edge and I felt weird/off toward the end of our fair adventure.

As soon as we got home, I had a cold drink, but then pretty much passed out on the couch for most of the afternoon. I was awake, but not really moving much… and convinced my mom that we should pretend today was the end of a three day weekend (since my dad took off from work) and she let me watch TV in the living room. I watched 2 episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. And it pains me that I’m liking it more and more with each episode.

I felt worse than better, so I went to my room and laid down with a book for awhile. I feel nauseous but I haven’t been physically ill (yet). I hate feeling like this. I hope I feel better tomorrow… I know I need to get back to working on my thesis proposal, but I’d rather feel fine while I’m working on it. Blah

After dinner, my parents and I watched Invictus. It was really good, as pretty much all Clint Eastwood movies are πŸ™‚ But, as much as I love Matt Damon, I don’t see how he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. He was great and all, but besides the accent, the part wasn’t showy or attention grabbing in the way that his work in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Good Will Hunting or (in my opinion, and not the Academy’s) The Departed was. But it was a solid film and really inspiring and uplifting. I liked it a lot πŸ™‚

And now I’m looking forward to going to sleep before 10:30, as sad as that sounds. I just feel awful 😦

But there are two reruns of Glee on tomorrow night to look forward to, as well as hopefully knocking out some more of my Literature Review.

Have a nice day

(p.s. I’ll expand on the Emmys in a later post, as well as link out to stuff on this one… but I need to do that later, as my eyes are closing as I’m typing this…)

How on EARTH did they know to put all of my favorite things into one sketch?

Glee, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Joel McHale, Betty White… singing and dancing. It. Was. Epic. And. Glorious.

Soooooooooooooooooooo good. I will be watching this a lot for many years to come!

I am so freakin’ excited that the Emmys are on tonight, which is why I’m posting now as opposed to right before I go to bed… as right after the Emmys are over, I have to go to sleep right away because we’re going to the Minnesota State Fair freakishly early tomorrow morning. I will post my comments about the Emmys tomorrow.

Red Carpet + Emmys telecast = πŸ™‚

BTW – Today is my parents 29th wedding anniversary…. AWWWWWWWWW! They are the cutest couple ever and they love each other so much its adorable. I’m super thankful for getting to spend this summer/fall/beginning of winter with them! I love my parents and are so happy for them πŸ™‚

So, remember the time when I asked a higher power if I could sleep through the night? Well, that didn’t happen, but I did end up falling back to sleep and sleeping in until 9:15! What?!?!

I went upstairs and found my parents talking at the table – they had already been on their breakfast date and back! I gave them their anniversary and then had breakfast/got my ass handed to me in Yahtzee.

After taking a shower, I called my sister to discuss tonight’s Emmys as well as my upcoming trip to see her in a couple weeks! After living with her for four years, I kinda miss her! It’ll be nice to go visit her in Kansas πŸ™‚

I got upstairs around 12:30 to find that my parents had eaten lunch without me… so I made myself a sandwich and watched the “Ballad” episode of Glee.

After lunch I got my ass handed to me in ping-pong… I think I lost 7 games to my mom. Yikes. After losing real bad, we went in for a drink. Then my dad and I went outside and played catch, which neither of us had done in years. My mitt is so old and falling apart… the lacing is broken in a bunch of places and the leather is frayed or flaking off. But, we had a good catch… I think I might go to Play it Again Sports and try and get a decent used mitt at some point. The one I’m using now was the one I used in middle school and the beginning of high school (my trusty Spaulding), but I swear I still have my Wilson mitt from end of high school somewhere. Hmmm…

My parents went out to the Fleet Farm to get some clay birds and such, then they are picking up pizza for the Red Carpet. I stayed home to put my laundry in the dryer and finish that job application I started yesterday. Right now I’m uploading music to my iPod and watching the Wicked portion of the PBS Broadway DVDs I got from the library πŸ™‚ I have seen this part a bajillion times, but I could watch it everyday and still be completely engrossed πŸ™‚ Wicked in playing in town at the Orpheum… I totally want to go see it, and maybe I will. I saw it up in Cleveland once, but I friggin’ love this show. “It’s good to see me, isn’t it?” Woot!

An hour and a half until the red carpet! I’m soooooo excited! Come on Glee, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Mad Men, Dexter and all the other shows I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Emmys!!

Dear whatever higher power is in charge of letting me sleep through the entire night,

Whatever I did to piss you off, I am sorry. Could you please let me have more than a few hours of sleep tonight?



There, now that I got that out of the way, hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing (sleeping?) tonight.

Once again I woke up in the middle of the night (combination headache and worrying about stuff, as per usual) and had a dickens of a time getting back to sleep. Then the headache lasted all day… awesome. (I took some ibuprophen at dinner and am trying to convince myself that it’s working.)

But, worse things could be happening, so I should just “Suck it up, Kate” as my mom would say and just be thankful that I have a roof over my head and a loving family. (Thank you, loving family!)

I’m so tired I don’t even remember what I did this morning. I know I played Yahtzee with my mom during breakfast. Then I think I uploaded some of my CDs onto my computer. Then I am totally blanking on what else happened before lunch.

I know during lunch we finished watching Casino Royale and then my dad and I went to the library. I checked out another three books (I still have a stack of probably 5 or 6 from before that I haven’t read), and got some CDs and the PBS Broadway: The American Musical DVD set – I’ve seen this two or three times by now, but I love it so. Besides the Tonys (and bootleg youtube stuff), there aren’t many opportunities to watch clips from Broadway shows from the comfort of your own home. I love musicals (and plays, of course), and having seen a bunch of shows on Broadway in the past several years, am addicted to Broadway. I can’t go a day without listening to/singing show tunes. Show tunes = happiness πŸ™‚

Upon returning from the library, I kinda helped my mom rearrange some furniture in the downstairs middle room. I was so friggin’ tired, though, that I laid down on the bed with Moose while my mom was transferring craft projects from one set of drawers to another.

I didn’t do any thesis work today (it’s the weekend…right?), but I did start another job application. My mom actually was the reason I didn’t finish it up today, as she wanted me to check out the finished middle room, and then I had to let the dogs out while my parents made dinner. I’ll finish the application tomorrow or Monday. For reals, yo.

During dinner we started watching Arrested Development from the beginning. I’ve seen the entire series two or three times by now, but my parents have not seen it in its entirety. My dad seemed to enjoy it – he was laughing loudly, which made me chuckle. Arrested Development is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. It was a shame it only lasted 53 episodes. The entire cast is amazing and the show was smartly written. For shame, FOX, for canceling that gem. For shame.

We watched the entire first disc of Season One, and then stopped. I went to my room to write out my parents anniversary card – tomorrow will be their 29th wedding anniversary πŸ™‚ They are going on a breakfast date and then we’ll do family stuff since my dad has off.

After a day of family stuff, I am so very much looking forward to the Emmys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so pumped Jimmy Fallon is hosting. I’m so pumped that most of my favorite shows were nominated for a bunch of awards. I just love awards shows. The Emmys are my 4th favorite (Oscars, Tonys, Golden Globes, then Emmys…), but I still love them a lot πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to get to sleep, so I’m going to end this now. I probably won’t even read, that’s how riconkulously tired I am.

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend and enjoy the Emmys!!

Oh Death to Smoochy… you are underrated and always provide the best quotes πŸ™‚

But it’s the truth… my head is swimming. Maybe it’s because I’m sure tired. Maybe it’s because I’m still thinking about what was. Maybe because I’m still confused about what was. But more than likely it’s a combination of all three. Regardless, this is going to be a short post as I need to get some sleep.

Last night after I hit “Publish” for my blog update, my phone spazzed out at me, indicating that I had a text. Who on earth was texting me at 11:35 at night? The Ghost of Recently Disappeared Friendship Past, evidently. After an hour of texting and reading (multitasking!), I called it quits, said good night, and went to bed.

I had a wonderfully busy day today – I went and picked up my BFF who is now living in the state!! It’s soooooooo great to have a friend so close. And not just any friend, but my BFF!! We’ve known each other since fall of 1995… that’s 15 years πŸ™‚ Almost 3/5 of my entire life!

We went to lunch and had an epic round of catching up… it was glorious. We talked about school stuff (I’m pumped she’s so supportive of my thesis idea), relationship stuff, future stuff… a much needed discussion about the important things in life πŸ™‚ Then we got some DQ just like old times… oh, those were the days… hahaha!

Then we accidentally drove into Minneapolis looking for a Target. We ended up going to the one near my house that I go to with my mom. We each got our respective list of stuff, then we went to the post office and back to where she’s staying. There was the most adorable old dog named Theo there – his muzzle was so white! He was super friendly and I literally wanted to steal him and take him home with me – he was just so frickin’ cute and fluffy. God I love dogs.

Back at her place we talked for another hour or so. I can’t even put into words how amazing it is to talk to someone who sometimes knows me better than I know myself about certain things! It’s so great to bounce ideas off of her, or talk about stuff that only she would get since she’s known me the longest out of all of my friends. It also helps that she knows exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to … *sigh*

I hated to say goodbye, but I needed to get home before it got dark (I hate driving, and I especially hate driving at night on highways that I’ve never taken before). But the ride to and from her house wasn’t horrible, so I’ll look forward to more drives to see her! It’s beyond awesome that my best friend is only 20 minutes away, after living 13 of the way across the country from her for 4 years now!

When I got home, my parents were just back from a party they went to (someone was retiring). Wewatched half of Casino Royale, but then I asked if we could watch the rest tomorrow since I’m so tired and my head hurts. I was going to watch an episode or two of Arrested Development, but I think I ought to just go to sleep. My head is swimming… hopefully sleep will take care of that.

Have a fantastic weekend!

So, I was brushing my teeth this morning (as one should do every morning) and I had my Broadway playlist blaring at full volume on my iPod and guess what song started to play?

“Love is my Legs” from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

My sister and I saw this musical on Broadway, but unfortunately Norbert Leo Butz was out for the performance. And then somehow his understudy got hurt during the performance, so he was replaced by someone else… it was bizarre.

Anyway, “Love is my Legs” is my most favorite song from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels if only for the part that goes “Love is my legs / And you are my love / So you are my feet bones of love” near the end of the song.

Feet bones of love. Is that not the greatest string of words ever put together. Forget cellar door, “feet bones of love” is brilliant.

I got to thinking how much I love “Love is my legs” which got me thinking how much I love Norbert Leo Butz. His comedic timing is excellent, and I heart his singing voice. Although I only have three musical soundtracks featuring him (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Wicked and The Last 5 Years), I rank him up there as one of my favorite male musical theater performers.

Ever since the Wicked CD came out years ago, I’ve listened to portions of it just about every week. Like Rachel Berry, “Defying Gravity” is a go-to shower song. But, one of my other favorite songs from the show is “As Long As Your Mine”. Butz and Idina Menzel’s voices mesh together so well, and the ballad is just beautiful.

I love the blocking of this song – it’s so simple, yet ridiculously intimate. And Butz is so manly…

Speaking of manly and intimate… one of my favorite numbers from The Last 5 Years is The Next Ten Minutes. If this song doesn’t make you feel something, then check your pulse my friend.

But my favorite *favorite* song from The Last 5 Years was actually one that was cut from the show. Instead of “I Could Be in Love With Someone Like You,” “Shiksa Goddess” was put in the show instead.

The line “I don’t know what I’m doing but come in and ruin me” KILLS me every time. The build up to that invitation is brilliant and those words are the epitome of vulnerability. Every time I listen to this song or watch the video, I rewind to that line and listen to it several times. That line, to me, is poetry.

As you may (or may not) know, Norbert Leo Butz was also in Cabaret at one point – he was the emcee. So many great performers have played this role over the years, but he puts his own stamp on it.

Awesome πŸ™‚

So, besides listening to show tunes today, I did get some stuff done (although nothing further on the thesis proposal… whoops).

Once again, I woke up in the middle of the night (4 AM) and had trouble getting back to sleep. I woke up for reals around 8:30 and by 9:15, my mom and I were at a tennis court trying to do better than yesterday’s outing. We volleyed pretty well, but I was super tired. I could only get myself into a rhythm by singing Glee songs out loud to myself… it worked, don’t judge.

We got back to the house and then pretty much went right into moving around a bunch of furniture. We got one dresser out of my room, moved the bookshelf to where the dresser was (I put ALL of my DVDs on the bookshelf… it’s glorious to see row after row of DVDs… beautiful), and then we moved two other heavy dressers into my room.

After all of this moving stuff around we took a lunch/Yahtzee break. I was exhausted and could have fallen asleep at the table.

After lunch was more of the same… I had to keep moving the dressers so I could have access to the wall plugs while I set up my TV and DVD player. My DVD player wouldn’t work, and neither would the one that used to be in my parents room, so my mom said I could use the DVD/VCR from the living room. I hooked everything up and it all works, but the only crappy thing is that widescreen DVDs look skewed when played on my non-widescreen tv. The aspect ratio is all wrong and it bugs me (full screen stuff looks fine, but I own maybe 20 full screen DVDs of the hundreds of DVDs I have in my room…), but I’ll need to deal. I am just thankful I now have a working TV and DVD player in my room!!

I also unpacked a lot of clothes into the two dressers… I’m only going to be here for four or five more months (hopefully!), so it’s not like this is permanent. But it’s good to get stuff in drawers as then I have more floor room.

I have plans tomorrow to hang out with my BFF, so I shan’t be working on any thesis proposal stuff then either, but next week I promise I will get back to it with a vengeance.

Tonight I watched the Physical Education episode of Community, the Emmanuel goes to Dinosaur Land episode of 30 Rock and Clash of the Titans (2010). I have seen all of these before, but the Community episode is my 2nd favorite one thus far, the 30 Rock episode is HILARIOUS (oh Jon Hamm and your hooks…) and Clash of the Titans is cheesy, but it’s got some uber attractive guys running around in tunics.

Clash of the Titans is such a girl’s movie packaged to look like a “man’s movie”. All the fighting and special effects aside, it’s full of eye candy and a cheesetastic love story between Perseus and Io. Come on! But Sam Worthington is hunky, and let’s not count out Nicholas Hoult. Yep, that little kid from About a Boy is grown up and ridonkulously cute. Did you see him in A Single Man? Day-yum.

Anyways, time to read and then off to bed… I gotta friend-date tomorrow πŸ™‚

Have a good one!

So, this evening I rewatched Star Trek (2009) for probably the tenth time… somehow I like the movie more each time I watch it – and I’m not even a Trekker.

I am a Star Wars gal through and through… I have a TIE fighter cling on the back window of my car, I had a Star Wars themed room when I was in middle/high school (posters, action figures, pillow…) and I got a Yoda Buddy from my sister for Christmas. He’s currently seated in my ginormous red recliner where I work on my school work if I’m in my room. I know all of the dialogue from the original three Star Wars films by heart and my graphing calculator (which just got mailed to my little brother this morning) is adorned with Star Wars stickers.

But I still love the Star Trek movie.

I’m not a traitor – the Star Trek movie has elements of the Star Wars movies. Plus, the Trek cast is awesome… one of the most well-cast movies in recent years, in my opinion. Chris Pine NAILED it as James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto was pretty much born to play Spock. Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, John Cho and Anton Yelchin make for a perfect Enterprise crew and Eric Bana was a solid Romulun bad guy. Star Trek was funny, action-packed, well paced and visually stimulating (good effects, both practical and CGI). I kinda want the sequel to be out now…

Other than watch Star Trek, I did some other stuff today too. I woke up freakishly early (okay, 7:00) and instead of falling back to sleep went out to breakfast with my parents. When back at the house, I cozied up to the dog (it was cold this morning and Moose makes a better blanket than an actual blanket) while my mom took care of some stuff she needed to do over the phone. Afterward we went to the post office to mail my brother my calculator and my uncle some books.

My mom and I then went to go play tennis… and neither of us as played in a long time. But, we weren’t as bad as I thought we were going to be. The grip on my racket is shot, so I’ll need to fix that soon. My racket’s grip is also way to big for my hands (and I have big hands), but I’ve had the racket forever. The only reason I picked the racket is because it was my favorite colors (blue, green, purple and black). Didn’t matter that it was physically too big for my middle school hands – it was pretty, so I wanted that one.

After a half-hour of sub-par tennising (we’re going to go again… we’re going to get better), we went to the library to return some books and Season Three of Dexter (I hope the next person in line enjoys it as much as we did!) and get some more books, some DVDs and CDs. I got the original version of True Grit so I can watch it before the remake comes out this winter. I also got Cool Hand Luke b/c I friggin’ LOVE that movie. My mom picked out Mrs. Miniver. She’s suggesting we try and watch all of the movies that have won Best Picture. That’s a good goal and totally fits in with the work I’m doing for my thesis proposal… I was actually counting up all the Best Picture winners I’ve seen and/or own. There have been 82 movies named Best Picture thus far. I’ve seen 50 and I own 14 of them. So, I still have some work cut out for me…

After lunch, I was supposed to be hard at work on my thesis proposal Literature Review. I probably got a page done when I got sidetracked… I saw on that Jimmy Fallon is having a sort of contest for the Emmys. You can Tweet introductions for fifteen of the presenters and he’ll pick people’s Tweets and read them out loud on the telecast… I submitted a few and will try and think of some more!

I helped my mom with some rearranging and then we plotted out how we’re going to rearrange my room tomorrow morning. Should be pretty good… I am *this close* to having an entire bookshelf full of DVDs. It’s going to be exciting… almost like my dream of an entire wall of DVDs. But a bookshelf is a great start πŸ™‚

After our plotting, I cut up a bunch of tomatoes to make bruschetta for dinner (we have soooooo many tomatoes in the yard that we need to eat, it’s ridiculous). My dad came home and decided he wanted cayenne pepper in his bruschetta, so he picked one and cut it up. My eyes began to water and my mouth began to tingle (it’s still burning a bit) and I had to leave the kitchen because my mouth and eyes hurt so bad just from breathing in the pepper smell. Ouch!

During dinner we watched Star Trek, then I watched Modern Family. The Billy Elliot line gets me every time!!

And now I’ll read… not my Dexter book that I am a few chapters into already, but a guilty pleasure book … hahaha. (I didn’t see the movie, so it’s only still a lot embarrassing for me to be reading this. I just didn’t feel like thinking right now…)

Have a good one!

Two hours of Glee reruns was exactly what I needed today…

Sure, I have Glee Season One Volume One DVDs – The Road to Sectionals, but I needed some of the Back 9, and tonight FOX aired Sectionals AND Hell-o!!! Oh, Jonathan Groff, how I love thee… (but more about Glee later!)

I woke up at 6 thinking about my paper and then somehow willed myself back to sleep until 8:30 again. I would love to sleep all the way through the night like I used to do… friggin’ worrying about everything all the time. Oy.

I got up and found my mom doing a Crossword puzzle on her computer. I made myself some breakfast (yogurt with chopped banana, granola, chocolate chips and star-shaped sprinkles… breakfast of champions) and sat down to watch the first half of Episode Three of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I paused several times to explain to my mom who the characters are and what the show is about… she will likely be watching this with me from now on as she seemed intrigued.

After breakfast I went with my mom to run a couple errands – got gas for the lawn mower and then went grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping with my mom… I remember going grocery shopping with her when I was younger. She always has her list, and it is arranged in the order of how one finds things in the store… something I wish I would have picked up on. My lists are always just in the order of how things come to my mind as I’m writing the list. But not my mom – she’s super organized.

We got home and unpacked the groceries. After a drink and a couple rounds of Yahtzee we went about our respective chores. I attempted to finish the Introduction of my thesis proposal (it’s kinda done… enough so that I will start my Literature Review tomorrow) while she mowed the grass.

We reconvened at 11:30 for pizza and more Yahtzee. Toward the end of our lunch break, Mom kinda brought up jobs… she’s not pressuring me to get one tomorrow, but said how that even if I worked a little, any money I would make would be like savings. I tried to tell her that I have been job hunting, but that I am hesitant to get a job right this very second as I have plans to go away in September and have a weekend conflict in October and how I hate going into a job with days I will already need off. She kinda rolled her eyes at me, so I said that my resume was updated and I’d keep looking.

So instead of working more on my paper, I tried to job hunt. I spent over 30 minutes on a bajillion different job search sites and I could feel my soul crushing to pieces. There wasn’t much that looked even remotely interesting. Then the jobs that I thought would be good were ones where I didn’t have enough job experience, or with the hours I wouldn’t physically be able to work on my paper.

Conundrum, folks.

See, I have a BSC in Telecommunications… I majored in Video Production and minored in Film. A bulk of my undergraduate classes were spent watching or making television and movies. I am excellent at breaking down what a certain scene means in a movie, or can tell you what kind of shot to use to evoke certain feelings or thoughts from an audience. I can break down a script and know my way around a television or film set. None of these skills are very applicable to almost all of the jobs I have found online… No one wants someone who is capable of film theory and criticism. They want someone with 5 years of managerial experience or a person who is a professional at a bunch of computer programs I’ve never heard of.

I did find a job that looked kinda okay and began filling out their online form. They had a spot where you could copy and paste your resume, which I tried to do, but I had to reformat the whole thing. It took a half hour. Then I tried to submit it, but besides the resume, they still wanted you to fill in all the boxes that has the EXACT SAME FRIGGIN’ INFORMATION AS A RESUME. I had to save my form and will finish it tomorrow… I wanted to throw my computer across the room.

Luckily Mom needed help moving our new dining room table, so I took that as a sign to stop being on my computer for awhile and go help move stuff around. The table looks nice. I can’t wait until the holidays when the whole family is sitting around it πŸ™‚

Mom also went through the drawers of the furniture that is in the garage… lots of moose and duck stuff. Some old board games. Wall hangings I remember from my great-grandparents house in New Jersey. This awesome plate that says “Cheese” on it with a glass covering that looks like a mini cake box. Lots of odds and ends. We also inherited a deer head that is going in our foyer… my mom’s dad shot it and had it mounted for a wall-hanging. We’re going to be one of those families with a dead animal front and center when you walk into our house.

My dad got in around 6:15 and we finished getting dinner together – BBQ chicken nachos. My mom still can’t smell or taste… which sucks for her because the nachos were pretty awesome.

We sat as a family and ate dinner and watched the two episodes of Glee. As much as my dad rags on the show, he actually was aware of most of the plot points and characters. I know he doesn’t like the show half as much as I love it, but I know he’ll tolerate it for me by time new episodes air in September.

I love Glee. I *LOVE* it. I love the music, I love the characters, I love the actors… Jane Lynch is freakin’ amazing as Sue Sylvester. And I love that one of tonight’s reruns (Hell-o) was from the Back 9 because I LOVE Jonathan Groff. My sister and I saw him and Lea Michele in Spring Awakening a few years ago and I have loved him as an actor ever since. (BTW – I recently found these two Tumblr pages dedicated to Jonathan and Jesse/Rachel… they are sooooo great!)

The best part from Hell-o is when Rachel first meets Jesse and they sing “Hello” together. Brilliant!!

I am behind the times, but I just found out today that Glee Season One Volume 2 – The Road to Regionals will be available (as will Season One in its entirety), as well as a Karaoke Revolution Glee Wii game!!!! That comes out in November, just in time for my birthday… WOOT!

I’m high on Glee right now, but I should get back into Dexter mode… I finished the third book last night and will start the fourth one shortly.

Oh yeah – my dad is the cutest! We just finished Dexter Season Three yesterday. So today he asked me if we should get Dexter Season Four on Netflix next. I told him I’m 6th in line at the library to get the DVDs, but he was insinuating that he wants to watch it now! I’m so proud that my dad is into a show that I like too!! Besides SNL, we really don’t have the same taste in television, so I’m glad we are both fans of Dexter πŸ™‚

Have a fantastic evening!!

(P.S. I saw that someone I was friends/colleagues with in undergrad just got dumped 😦 I haven’t talked to her in awhile, but I still feel bad. I doubt she reads this blog, but I’m going to just throw this out there – It’s okay to be unhappy or sad, but that relationship did not define who you are. You are going to be stronger because of this and you will meet someone who is right for you. Maybe not tomorrow, and maybe not next week, but sometime. Love yourself first πŸ™‚ )

So, I woke up in a panic last night. My mom says that when you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t go back to sleep, you should read for awhile and then go back to sleep. Well, I woke up at 5:00 this morning and I opted not to read because I thought that if I started to read, I would never fall back to sleep. I tried doing my ABC game (I’m still working on listing television shows alphabetically…), but my mind kept wandering back to what woke me up in the first place – worrying about my thesis proposal and money.

I really shouldn’t be worried about either, but I was for some reason and it was keeping me up. I did fall back to sleep at some point, as I woke up around 8:30 and knew it was time to get out of bed.

I wandered upstairs to find my mom at the table we put in the kitchen a couple days before… we call it the “breakfast nook” even though more often than not, no one will eat breakfast there. She was paying bills, so I sat down with her and had breakfast. We played a couple rounds of Yahtzee before we both went our separate ways. I went back downstairs to fold clothes and grab a shower while she ran errands at Target.

We both finished our respective things to do at the same time and had a drink and played some more Yathzee. Then we both went our separate ways… I went downstairs to my room to work on my thesis proposal while my mom moved around some her furniture to replace it with what came in on the truck yesterday.

I got another page done on my Introduction section and was visited by Moose. I could only concentrate for so long before I was browsing around at pictures, trying to decide what should be the background for my computer. (Right now it’s Jason Bateman and Will Arnett in a still from Arrested Development – they are on the ground post-fighting over Marta from the episode “Beef Consomme“.)

When I went back upstairs around 12:45, I saw that my mom had made a lot of progress. The living room still looked like a bit of a disaster zone, so we had lunch at the breakfast nook (once the house is back to normal, I swear no one will eat at the kitchen table…) and played some more Yahtzee. Afterwards we split back up – I worked a bit more on my paper (not as much as I could have, I’m sure) and she did more rearranging.

After awhile my mom came downstairs to visit me and see if I wanted a break (yeppers!). We went upstairs and took a mini break. I told her I couldn’t stare at my computer anymore (true story), so I helped her empty drawers, hang a heavy mirror and bring our dry sink down into the garage. With our powers combined (though mostly her ingenuity), we also managed to somehow open a drawer that was stuck half-way closed because of a mangled potato masher…

Dad got home from work around 5:30 and by 6:30 we were all eating dinner together and watching the Season Finale of Dexter Season Three. All three of us were talking at the TV at various points of the show… it was kinda funny.

BTW – best line from Season Three (Episode 10)

After that Dad and I started watching The Book of Eli, but I walked out after 15 minutes… my brother warned me it was horrible. He was very right.

I asked Mom if she wanted to play some more Yahtzee… so we played a few rounds. I am getting Yahtzeed out, so I asked if we could play Trivial Pursuit. As it was nearing time to pack it it, Mom offered up Boggle and I accepted and promptly swept four games in a row. I had some solid seven letter words going on… woot.

Because I am so sick looking at my computer, I will not watch Arrested Development as I had planned on doing. Instead I will finish my Dexter book and perhaps start the next one…

Have a swell day πŸ™‚

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