I woke up this morning and walked upstairs to greet my parents and dogs only to find that my mom is still not feeling well. I didn’t expect her to magically get rid of her cough overnight, but I feel bad because she just keeps coughing and her throat is all scratchy and I can tell that it hurts and that she does not want to keep taking it easy. Poor my mom 😦

My throat is getting super scratchy too, but so far I’m not coughing yet. I did have 2 mugs of tea today, so hopefully that’ll help a bit… I also have a throat spray next to my bed and cough drops not too far away. I don’t want to get sick! Especially since my brother will be in town next week and we’re all going to be playing golf for a fundraiser/charity next week and I gotta be healthy for that – my family members are not golfers, so it’s going to be hilarious!

Today was another day full of Yahtzee and Netflix… mom won some, I won some, then there was a lot of Dexter.

I had full intentions on working on school stuff today – I did put 3 books in my Amazon shopping cart. But I didn’t poke around any of the guild websites I have bookmarked. Whoops.

However, while I was Facebooking instead of homeworking, I saw that two of my friends from undergrad won Regional Emmys for a project they worked on!! I am so happy for them – they are great guys and totally deserve this kind of recognition for their work 🙂 Congrats Zac and Falk!!

A Facebook message from a close friend of mine also got me thinking more about something I’ve been thinking about a lot – friendship.

See, I just spent 9 months with a small group of people going through our one and only year of journalism graduate school. Over this time, more than several of us spent a lot of time with each other and formed friendships over the course of our school year. School has been “out” since June 11th and it seems that once school stopped being in session, so did a lot of the friendships.

In response to my friend’s Facebook message, I sent a response saying that I noticed the drop-off in communication among a lot of us too… and I likened us to being on a j-school island where people had to befriend/tolerate everyone else, but now that we’re all off the island, no one has to talk to each other anymore. It’s kinda depressing, but that seems to be a reality that we are facing.

And what blows my mind is that all of us have Facebook, cell phones, email, etc… and it seems that the more options we have to communicate with someone else, the less we actually communicate with him/her.

I know I’m not the best person at keeping in touch with people, but I try and make extra effort with the people who I consider my closest friends. The thing is, though, that hasn’t been going to well as of late. One of my friends (who I know I upset a few weeks ago) said she needed some time before we could talk. Though there has been some email communication, I haven’t spoken with her in weeks because I promised I wouldn’t call her and so far she hasn’t called me (but I respect that). Another one of my friends who I used to text with for hours a day almost every day for awhile has pretty much stopped communicating with me full stop. There were a couple super brief texting conversations last weekend (and I mean like 1 or 2 texts apiece) and he made a comment on something i posted on his Facebook page. But he doesn’t text me anymore… which I am pretty sure I know why. But what really sucks is we were friends the whole school year and when I said goodbye to him a few weeks ago, I asked him to please keep in touch and let me read some of his stuff he’s been working on. He said we would and that he’d send it to me to read. See, I know he’s a brilliant writer, but I have only been told bits and pieces of his stuff. Also, he was one of my only friends I could talk/argue pop culture with. Alas.

Lucky for me, though, that I have another friend who I talk with at least once a week who I know is also going through similar stuff – RD! Though it kinda blows that we had less than a year to hang out, I’m super glad I did get to know you over these past 11 months 🙂 You are a rock star!

I knew I was always a bit of a loner (trust issues?), but I do love my friends. I just hope everything works out with everyone

So, besides thinking about friends and playing Yahtzee with my mom, I think we watched 6 episodes of Dexter today 🙂 We finished Season One and watched the first episode of Season Two. I. Love. This. Show.

I love that Dexter is constantly thinking about how he doesn’t fit in and how he has to pretend to be normal. I also think it’s great how he’s involved with so many different relationships and the challenges he faces in each one – with the people at work, his sister, his (adopted) father, his girlfriend, her kids, etc… Sure, he’s a serial killer, but I find myself rooting for him anyway. (It’s just a TV show, folks. I would never, ever, ever root for a serial killer in real life.)

And I am beyond fascinated by Michael C. Hall. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he’s got a great voice for voice over (and the show relies on that heavily). My mom keeps saying he’s creepy – I think it’s because his character looks directly into the camera (and by looks, I mean stares down with an intense look in his eyes) multiple times an episode. I think it’s a cool premise for the audience to be able to hear what’s going on inside his head.

Tomorrow my mom and I have decided to both get back to work on our respective projects, so I likely won’t be watching much Dexter tomorrow. However, I will totally be watching The Bachelorette – it’s the finale! If Ali doesn’t pick Chris L., he best be the next Bachelor b/c he’s friggin’ adorable 🙂

Have a good one!