… and they didn’t even tell us who the next Bachelor is going to be! WTF, ABC, WTF?!

Now, as I mentioned in prior posts, I only watch The Bachelor/ette because my sister made me watch it when I lived with her. But since I like to follow through with shows, I stuck it out to the end of this season to see who Ali would pick – Roberto or Chris L.


Ali was a rock star and broke it off with Chris so he wouldn’t have to get dumped during the final rose ceremony. And even though I wanted Ali to pick Chris, she seems to be legitimately in love with Roberto – Awwww!

Poor Chris, though… the man looked heart broken šŸ˜¦ He seemed like such a great guy – and looked ridonkulously good throughout the entire season, and especially during the After the Final Rose show that aired after The Bachelorette.

During said show, Chris perfectly executed one of the best fashion-oriented things a guy can do – he wore a shirt that accented his eye color (I can’t find a good pic online yet to show this… sadness!!). Guys – girls loooooooove this, even if they don’t know that they love it. Brown eyes are great, but if you’ve got blue, green or gray eyes, you are in luck. If you wear something with the same blue, green or gray in it, your eyes will POP like whoa. Don’t over do it, or anything (Like, if you have green eyes, don’t wear a green 3-piece suit), but just a hint of that color on your shirt/top will totally make your eyes look even more glorious than they already are. Girls notice these things… for serious.

I’m super tired, so you’re just going to get the highlights from the day:

– I actually worked on thesis proposal stuff all morning and took 9 more pages of notes. I have a few more websites to go and I just ordered 5 books from Amazon/Half.com, but I should feel comfortable enough with all of my research to start typing up my Introduction and layout/outline my Literature Review this week!

– I watched only one episode of Dexter today. And I love that show with each episode I take in – I like the dynamic between Dexter and his sister Deb. (Partially b/c it’s an interesting pair… a foster brother serial killer working at the same police station as his cop sister. And partially b/c Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are now married… and I think that’s adorable.)

– I kicked my mom’s ass in Yahtzee today.

– My parents are still the most adorable people on the planet. Today at dinner, I was talking with my mom about the commercials for The Bachelorette and how it looked like Ali’s dad had a problem with the time frame of his daughter’s relationships with the two remaining guys. I said something along the lines of “well, they only knew each other for, like, 6 weeks.” And my parents looked at each other and I asked, “What?” And my mom said, “Well, we pretty much knew after a week [that we were going to get married]”. Awwwww, parents.

– Watching my parents be cute together and watching The Bachelorette final really made me think about love. And I’m not going to expand on this too much since I am super tired, but love is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. And that’s not a bad thing… Love is lots of things. But like they said on The Bachelorette multiple times tonight – it’s a two-way street. And that is always a good thing to remember šŸ™‚

– Random flashback while I was reading Denis Leary’s “Why We Suck” book and he mentioned firemen – I was grocery shopping at the good Kroger in Bloomington and I saw a group of firemen in the frozen foods aisle and I suddenly realized why it’s always said that women dig firemen… I don’t have stereotypical swoony girl moments very often, but as I looked up from my grocery list to see a bunch of young, muscly guys wearing dark blue t-shirts and firemen pants and books, my heart did skip a beat. It was like something out of a movie… (or Modern Family)


Well, tomorrow’s forecast includes more thesis proposal notes… and probably another episode of Dexter. Plus some Leonardo DiCaprio (we got Shutter Island in the mail…) Woot. Have a good one!