So, I’m obviously still on my epic Dexter kick and while I was watching the 4 episodes I watched today, I couldn’t help but think that “Gosh, Michael C. Hall is AWESOME. He also kinda looks like Norbert Leo Butz. Both these men are highly capable musical theater gentlemen… they both played the emcee in Cabaret even! (See – Michael and Norbert. Awesome!) Perhaps they should play brothers in something?”

I don’t care what – a play, a musical, a television show, a movie – but they should totally get cast as brothers. You hear that, casting agent people? Pitch these two guys a sibling script of sorts… it’d totally work 🙂

I also read online on a bunch of fan sites, including Facebook, that people want Michael C. Hall to be The Riddler in the next Batman movie. I, for one, would be super thrilled if that actually came to fruition. Hall himself has expressed interest in playing the part… That. Would. Be. Epic.

Besides a boatload of Dexter, I got another 6 pages of notes done for my thesis proposal… only a few more guild websites and some books to go! I personally would like to applaud the Motion Picture Editors Guild, but I shake my head at the American Society of Cinematographers… Once my thesis is out in the real world, I will expand on that comment. Sorry to be so cryptic, but I don’t want anyone stealing my awesome thesis topic 🙂

I kicked my mom’s ass again in Yahtzee… just luck of the dice, I guess.

What else, what else?

My mom and I reorganized my room (or as my dad likes to remind me, “his room that he’s letting me stay in”… but he’s just kidding… kinda). Now everything is not a mess anymore and I have a lot of floor space and easier access to all my DVDs (which was important to me, though my mom just kept shaking her head and saying I have too many movies and maybe I should focus on something besides DVDs… HA!).

I also had a fantastic chat with Robin. Solidarity in our epic awkwardness, frustrations and scholastic dorkiness 🙂

More thesis proposal notes are in store for me tomorrow… as well as some more Dexter!!

Have a good one!