Well, I had full intention of doing more thesis proposal stuff than I actually did today…

I went to bed extra late last night so I ended up sleeping in way later than I usually do – yikes. So, I went upstairs, apologized for sleeping in, had breakfast and played some Yahtzee with my mom.

Then I did good and printed out all 43 pages of my thesis proposal notes. After I printed the first 10 pages, I realized I hadn’t numbered the pages of my notes, so i had to insert those. Whoops! (I numbered each source – all 50some of them, but just not the actual pages of notes…) I then went downstairs with a plan – write a detailed outline of my Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology and then color-code my notes to coincide with my color-coded outline.

Well… some of that kinda happened.

First I checked emails, Facebook and caught up on my pop culture news and some videos from this week’s guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Then I totally did a detailed outline, but I didn’t color-code anything yet because by time I was done with the outline (which is 2 pages, front and back… so really 4 pages) it was lunch time with my mom.

Mom read during lunch so I started watching Little Shop of Horrors. I know a few of the songs, but had never seen the musical. It’s epically funny watching Rick Moranis sing. I only watched 33 minutes or so… I just finished Steve Martin’s song. I hate dentists, so for me, his scene was worse than anything I have watched on Dexter thus far.

Does anyone but me remember when Adam Pascal and Mandy Moore sang “Suddenly Seymour” on some Bravo! Broadway special many, many years ago? I used to listen to that on repeat… Patrick Wilson and Carrie Underwood do an awesome version as well 🙂

After I turned off the movie, I played a couple more rounds of Yahtzee with mom. Then, I went back downstairs… and instead of working on thesis proposal stuff, I decided to transfer my DVDs I have had in a broken binder back into their cases. In order to do this, I needed to go under the main stairs (picture the 7 1/2 floor from Being John Malkovich) and find out which box labeled “Katie’s Room” had all of my DVD cases. After awhile I found it, but then it took me awhile to shift around other boxes and drag it out from under the steps.

I then went to my room, put on a CD and got to work.

I have hundreds of DVDs, and about half of them were in this broken binder I’ve had since undergrad. So, it took awhile to put each DVD back into its case and then I separated out all the cases into the year the movie was released (I’m a bit OCD…). I had stacks and stacks of DVDs everywhere.

See, my goal is to one day have an entire wall that is lined with DVDs (like Cameron Diaz’s character in The Holiday). So, since I can’t have a whole wall yet, I decided I would put as many DVDs as I could onto 1 1/2 shelves of my bookshelf that I am currently using as a clothes shelf.

But, in addition to these hundreds of DVDs from my broken binder, I had another hundred and fifty or so in four boxes that were already in their cases. Plus a bunch of seasons of TV on DVD… What can I say, I love media!

I moved my stacks of previously bindered DVDs in front of the bookcase and then began adding the boxed DVDs to the piles. While I had DVDs representing each decade from the 1930s-present, a bulk of the DVDs were from the past 10 years. The two most popular years in my collection seem to be 2004 and 2006. And you can tell I haven’t bought any newer DVDs in awhile because I only have 2 from 2009 – (500) Days of Summer and Star Trek (which was a gift…) and I have no movies from 2010. Hmmm.

My mom knocked on my door while I was in the midst of separating out the DVDs and said “Oh, I thought you would be hard at work.” I felt a little bad that I didn’t work more on my paper, but my disorganized movies had been bothering me for awhile now… and they look so nice on the shelves and in their boxes all organized!

We took a drink/Yahtzee break and played with the dogs outside for a bit. Then I went back to finishing up my organization (I have about 180 movies on a long shelf, and then most of my box sets, TV on DVD and films series taking up 1/2 of another shelf… then everything else is boxed in order). After that, I went back outside to find my mom – she was reading on a chair out front.

I offered to feed the dogs and let them out again. Both dogs wolfed down their dinner and then I took them outside. We got Moose a new can of tennis balls yesterday, so I after I let them out, I played catch with Moose in the front yard. We played for a long time and her tennis ball got so slobbery that it was leaving wet marks all over the sidewalk. I tuckered her out pretty good – she’s funny when she’s tired 🙂

My dad got home soon after so we all had pizza and watched Shutter Island. On a whole I’m not a Scorsese fan (though I LOVE The Departed and I really liked Goodfellas), and I didn’t like this much either. But I do like Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio’s eyes are his best acting asset – they are very expressive.

I’ll try and do better tomorrow and work on school stuff – for reals!

Have a good one 🙂