I didn’t do any thesis proposal stuff even though I said I was going to. So sue me…

When I woke up at 7:16 this morning and went upstairs to greet my mom and dogs, I didn’t know that my mom would suggest that we go see a movie today. What?! Since when does my mom spontaneously ask if I want to go see a movie? (Never, folks. Never.) (btw – I also finished watching Little Shop of Horrors. Oh my…)

So I jumped at the chance! Even though I want to see The Other Guys, I asked if we could go see The Kids Are All Right because it’s been getting good reviews and I don’t know how much longer it was going to be in theaters by us.

I had some time to work on school work before we left, but I opted to check email and catch up on some (entertainment) news. Whoops…

We got to the movie and the theater ended up getting rather full. Let’s just say of all the pairs of women in the theater, I would bet lots of money that my mom and I were the only mother/daughter combination of people. I was just glad to see other people out supporting this movie.

However, when the movie ended, I walked out of the theater wondering why critics were all over this movie, throwing glowing reviews at it left and right. I admit, it was nice to see something without special effects or 3D anything, or part of some franchise. But like “The Kids”, the movie was only “All Right”.

I like Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo a lot, but I didn’t think this movie was anything super special. Just another family having some family problems… this one just happened to have a sperm donor. Am I part of the minority who is never phased by same-sex couples on screen? I will liken this to seeing Brokeback Mountain. Two guys kissing? Not really that shocking, people… it’s called love. Julianne Moore and Annette Bening were playing people who had been married for awhile… for me it’s just another set of parents going through a bit of a rough patch after decades of being together.

A few plot points were not resolved, which I’m sure was done to keep the pace going. The movie looked great – it was very much grounded in reality… the location, the dialogue, the familial interactions.

And biiiiiiig thumbs up to the costume designer and wardrobe department. Mark Ruffalo looked GOOD in his plaid shirts.

After the movie, we stopped to pick my mom up some cough syrup (she still sounds like she’s coughing up a lung – poor my mom). Dad pulled into the driveway mere moments after we did, so it was good to see him. Mom and I played some Yahtzee while Dad napped on his chair with Moose. Then mom kicked my ass in two games of Ping-Pong. I played catch with Moose for awhile in the yard and then went down to my room to work on school stuff.

I didn’t get too far because I ended up answering an email from a professor in Tennessee. When I contacted the various guilds for my paper, the sound people forwarded my email to this professor and she said that my project sounded interesting and to keep her in the loop! That kinda made my day – a professional person from a college in Tennessee thought my thesis idea is interesting! You don’t understand… throughout my year of journalism education, my passion for entertainment journalism was not entirely accepted by the whole of the school. (There aren’t any graduate entertainment journalism classes, some of the professors and other students in the School [including undergraduates] thought that celebrity scandals = entertainment journalism… not on my watch!) So, I was pretty happy 🙂

Afterward, I picked some tomatoes from the backyard while my mom watered all the plants on the deck. We sang and danced to her Glee soundtrack while we made dinner. Dad got home awhile later (he had a function he had to go to from 5-whenever) and we watched a couple episodes of Bones.

I love Bones. My mom was the one who got me hooked on that show a few years ago… I love the chemistry between David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. Booth and Bones are meant to be together… you know it!

Soooooo tired. Read a couple chapters of HP7 and then bed… woot.