Let’s just get this part out of the way:

No, I didn’t work on any thesis proposal stuff today. Yes, I feel a bit bad about that.

But I have a massive headache right now (I’m gonna blame the heat and being out in the sun all day yesterday), so I’m not really in the right frame of mind to sit in front of my computer for longer than I have to. Ergo, this will be a short blog post *and* I still = epic fail when it comes to school stuff.

My little brother (and by “little” I mean younger… he’s about 2 1/2 years younger than I, but roughly 1/2 a foot taller than me… so he’s not really little) is coming to visit today!!! I won’t feel bad for not working on school stuff while he is here because I hardly get to spend quality time with him anymore (although i have seen him more this year than in the past couple years combined it seems…). We’ll play some Monopoly, and then with the parents we’ll go to the shooting range, play in a golf fundraiser, go out on a boat, maybe do some fishing and play tennis… make some smores… it’s gonna be swell.

I went to the library today with my parents to return some books and CDs and pick up some more. My Dexter DVDs weren’t in yet (sadness!), but I got 3 Dexter books, the latest Writer’s Market and a handful of broadway/musical CDs. So, hopefully the Writer’s Market will inspire me to send out some query letters or something. I realized this morning that if I made some time for scriptwriting, I have a Forgetting Sarah Marshall-esque script in mind (I have a buh-rilliant opening cooking in my head…), but with a girl protagonist. I have other scripts that I have been meaning to write, but maybe I should really hold off on feature scripts until my thesis is a thing of the past… Hmmm. Priorities!


My parents are picking my dad’s car up from the shop right now (maintenance yo!), but they’ll be home soon. I will help my mom with some house chores before my brother gets here. Maybe make a few new playlists for my iPod (I want a whole list dedicated to Jonathan Groff… I had a ridiculously funny dream starring him last night. Basically I got to see him in a show, he came up into the crowd to serenade me, and then we became BFFs. Good times!). Maybe play some more Yahtzee with mom… anything to keep the headache at bay and not type up my proposal.

I’m horrible, I know.

Have a great day!! Stay cool 🙂