Well, remember how earlier in the summer when I went target shooting with my dad and rocked the sniper riffle and handguns? Well today’s clay bird and handgun outing went the complete opposite…

I missed every single clay bird while my dad and brother pretty much demolished all of theirs. I did end up with a heart-shaped bruise the size of a 50-cent piece right by my right arm pit though, so it’s not like I walked away empty handed. We also used three different handguns and I didn’t do so hot with these ones… I emptied my first magazine without hitting the target once. Fantastic. I managed to hit the target a few times on subsequent rounds, but did not do nearly as great as my dad and brother. Personally, this was my worst day of shooting ever. Mind you I’ve only been to a shooting range four or five times in my entire life, but still… it was bad.

It also completely wore me out… the weather in MN has been stormy (like right now) or freakishly warm and humid. Tomorrow’s forecast is similar, but our golf outing should not be as exhausting as the habitat restoration work or even shooting today. Golfing should be fun, even though I’m not a great golfer… I have my outfit all picked out in my head… khaki shorts, a grey scoop neck shirt w/a neon pink shirt underneath with matching neon pink Chucks. Because with golf, the outfit is half the battle, right?

It’s been nice having my brother here… since there are four of us under one roof for a week, now board games are a legitimate option for indoor recreation. Last night we played Cranium. Tonight, my mom, brother and I played Monopoly. I got my ass handed to me… toward the end, I started offering my properties (including my “box sets” of 3 light blues or 3 greens) as payments as I had no cash left… it was bad. Usually only Spud and I play together and we have a system. Mom totally threw a wrench in said system – and I bet she won (I went to my room before the game was officially over to type this up and then read the last few pages of HP7 and then continue with the Dexter book I started this morning on the way to the shooting range).

What else, what else?

One of our dogs, Yukon, was acting super weird today. My mom thinks she might have had a seizure or a mini stroke or something (the dog is almost 11… we don’t know what breed she is, so there is no way to properly gauge what her life expectancy is. No vet has been able to tell us what kind of dog she is either… she was a stray who we rescued when she was about 12 weeks old. She looks like a cross between a German Shepherd, a brindle greyhound and a Dingo… she’s unique). But she’s been walking around and responsive and everything, she just didn’t feel like eating today and has been walking with a bit of a limp and her ears back and tail between her legs. It might even have something to do with all the thunderstorms we’ve had today… she’s high strung and more scared of storms than me. But, my mom insists that Yukon will be fine and I believe her. Yukon is a tough cookie and just needs to take it easy for awhile. She followed me downstairs when I was heading to my room, so she’s still getting around fine.

Also, I just saw that Britney Spears will be on an episode of Glee… that kinda makes me happy. I love Glee and Britney Spears music (go ahead and judge, but her songs are friggin’ catchy), so this’ll be great.

I am very much looking forward to new shows starting up soon… summer TV on broadcast television blows. (I miss cable!)

I didn’t do any thesis work again today, but I got two movie books I ordered in the mail… so when I do get around to school work, I will be extra prepared.

Golf tomorrow… school work next week 🙂

Have a good one!