I have a feeling I am going to be hurting like whoa tomorrow… after an entire day in the sun playing golf with the family for a really great fundraiser for Wilderness Inquiry, I am super sunburned (I used sunscreen… some sunburning was expected, but not as much as I am right now – blah).

My immediate family members are not golfers, except for my older sister who was actually not playing with us today because she’s in Kansas. However, my parents signed themselves and my brother and i up for this fundraiser for WI, an organization that my dad’s friend Greg runs. We were raising money today (by golfing) in order to get another Voyageur canoe built so that it can be used in WI programs to take people (including underprivileged urban youth) out canoeing and give them the opportunity to spend some time outside in nature. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household that encouraged and had the means to do outdoor recreation (canoeing, fishing, sports, hiking, etc…). But other kids don’t always have that opportunity… so WI is a great way to get kids/people involved!

It was fun golfing, though it was super hot/sunny outside and by the end of our 18 holes we were dragging hard core. I was not great at driving the ball off the tee at the start of each hole, but I was actually really good knocking it up the fairway on subsequent hits. I’m pretty good at putting too, but mostly using the 4-9s and whacking it up the green. My family was the worse foursome of the day… we putted a 93 and I think par for the course was 71. Oh well – we tried!

I didn’t do any thesis work because I was out all day with the family. I did get another book in the mail… turned out it was just an updated book of one I already had. Oh well…

My dog is feeling better!!!! Yukon’s ears were up today and she ate her breakfast this morning and was running as much as she normally does. Her tail was still between her legs, but she was panting and prancing about like her usual self. Her limp is mostly gone too!! I’m glad – I was worried about her yesterday.

I saw online that Jane Lynch is hosting SNL at some point this fall – excellent news! She’s so good on Glee and in the three Christopher Guest movies she’s done (in addition to her work in Role Models, The 40-Year Old Virgin, etc…). I love Jane Lynch – she is comedy gold 🙂

My brother and I watched half of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban tonight… that’s still my favorite HP movie. I hope the 7th one will be even better, but for right now, HP3 all the way!

Also, I saw that people have been searching for the SNL Cobras vs Panthers sketch on WordPress… please help me try and get this video on the NBC website. I started a Facebook Group, but hardly anyone has joined. Sadness! I guess I know who my friends/SNL fans are…

I am super tired, but want to read some more of my Dexter book before bed. It’s great to read the books after watching two seasons of the show because then I can hear Michael C. Hall’s voice as I read Dexter’s inner monologue. Awesome!! I can’t wait to watch Seasons 3 and 4 soon!!!

Have a good one 🙂