Since the fam has been out and about doing heavy physical activity in the freakishly warm MN weather, we decided to take it easy today – lunch and a movie.

After a few rounds of Yahtzee this morning, my parents took my brother and I to this place called Papa’s Restaurant and Deli in Minneapolis. My parents are originally from New Jersey and my dad grew up in Philly (we also all lived there for a year from 1988-1989), and Papa’s has a Philly cheesesteak that an outsider would think tasted like a legitimate cheesesteak from Philly. It was pretty good… but it wasn’t *quite* the real deal. But, it’s the closest I’ve had in years, so that counts for something.

When we lived in Philly, we had a cheesesteak place down our block. So good… Every now and again, the Bagel Street Deli at OU would have that same smell and remind me of when I lived in Philly. However, outside of Philly, I have only come across one place that had a Philly Cheesesteak that tastes like ones in Philly, and that was in Washington D.C. at the Capitol City Brewing Company.

Now, a lot of sit down restaurants have some version of a Philly Cheesesteak on the menu. For people who have never been to Philly/eaten a legitimate Philly Cheesesteak, do not be fooled. Go to Philly. Eat a cheesesteak. Trust me.

Also, this Papa’s place had Tastykakes. This is another Philly food memory… although I remember somewhere in Akron had them for a little while and it was a Christmas miracle. Tastykakes are appropriately named and just make me 🙂 because I link them to Philly, and my dad’s (late) parents.

After lunch, my parents took us to see The Other Guys (at my request). I knew my dad and brother would think it was funny, and I love Mark Wahlberg… 🙂

Mark Wahlberg is a great actor. Yep – GREAT. Forget the ridiculously good looks and rap career – the man can act. He was amazing in Boogie Nights and Three Kings. He killed it in I Heart Huckabees (my favorite performance he’s ever done) and was note perfect in The Departed (completely deserved his Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor). And I loved him in Invincible – what a great movie! In The Other Guys, Wahlberg was brilliant… I hope he gets offered more comedy parts because he is fully capable and believable in a comedic role. The way he delivers his lines like “Bob, this is not a good time!” and “I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly!” is pretty much genius. Props to you, Wahlberg. I also thought his Inside the Actors Studio from a few years ago was really great. Very insightful.

The rest of the day was spent watching the rest of HP3, starting HP4, accidentally napping on my dad’s chair, and playing some more Yahtzee with my mom.

My 5th book came in the mail today, so when my brother leaves on Sunday and I finally get back to school work, I will be ready!

I’m tired, so I will end this… I think if the weather is okay tomorrow, we’re going to go out fishing on the Mississippi River. But for now, I want to read some more of my delightfully gruesome Dexter book 🙂

Have a good one!

PS – One of my favorite SNL sketches is here!!