How is it already Monday again? Blah

I woke up this morning, determined to get stuff done today. That kinda happened.

During breakfast I continued watching Waiting For Guffman through my favorite part – the Stool Boom song šŸ™‚ Between the lyrics and the choreography, that musical number is pure genius.

After breakfast, my mom went off to a doctor’s appointment while I went back to my room and continued highlighting my notes. I have five different color markers, which each represent part of the Introduction or Literature Review (plus then a black pen to mark Methods section or Discussion/Conclusion stuff).

Since we have a guest coming tomorrow through Thursday and my mom still isn’t feeling well/needed some help with chores around the house, I stopped working on thesis stuff after I got all my notes highlighted. As my thesis proposal isn’t due this week, but the house needs to be ready by tomorrow evening, helping my mom trumps school work. (Family first, yo!)

So, today I vacuumed the main floor of the house and the foyer, as well as watered all the plants on the back deck, sides, and front of the house. (And while the bruise on my arm from our shooting range outing the other day is finally getting better, I gave myself a new bruise/lump on my left foot/ankle while moving one of the rocking chairs on the sun porch… I iced it, but it’s not pleasant. I am more of a klutz than I thought… sadness)

Tomorrow I need to clean the downstairs bathroom, vacuum the downstairs and run some errands with my mom, so I likely will not get much done on thesis proposal stuff then either. But, I’m okay with that. After making my outline and highlighting my notes, I am feeling a bit more confident about the thesis proposal. In my head it sounds awesome, so hopefully on paper it’ll be at least okay šŸ™‚ Writing papers is definitely not my forte, but it’s a topic I am super passionate about *and* I did a boatload of research… so hopefully that will come across in my thesis proposal. Fingers crossed!

Besides chores, I also played outside with the dogs while my mom brushed them out one at a time. I had Moose chasing after tennis balls in the front yard so much so that they left a gross slobber trail behind them when she rolled them on the pavement. Yukon doesn’t like tennis balls, so I just pet her a lot and scratch her ears/face. She seems content with that, so as long as she’s not unhappy, all is well.

When my dad got home from work we had dinner and watched the rest of The Departed. Mom hadn’t seen it before, so that elevator scene toward the very end was a big surprise to her… I friggin’ love this movie. Like I said (wrote?) yesterday, Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor. I should give The Aviator another chance, I guess. I have the DVD, I just haven’t watched the movie since I saw it in theaters years and years ago.

Somehow after the movie, we ended up watching the entire 2 hour comedy block on CBS. I love How I Met Your Mother, but was not a fan of Rules of Engagement or Two and a Half Men (I can’t stand Jon Cryer or Charlie Sheen). Then we watched The Big Bang Theory. I know I would love this show, but I never have had the time to watch it. I would like to see it from the beginning… perhaps I can get early seasons from Netflix or the library. I like Jim Parsons, though every time I see him, I think of his role in Garden State. “By the way, it says ‘BALLS’ on your face.”

I have seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother, so I remembered seeing tonight’s rerun when it first aired. And I remember what I was doing when I was watching it (texting with a friend about the line “I didn’t know the Jets had new costumes!” and how Barney talked about boobs a lot).

I have a freakishly good memory, which though most times is a great thing, but sometimes isn’t so much. Not only can I remember pretty clear details about a movie or television episode after watching it once, but I can also remember where I was when I saw it, who I was with, what I was doing, and other things that were happening to me at the time. So, during tonight’s episode of HIMYM, I was back in that horrendous desk chair in my sister and my apartment in Nelsonville, sitting atop my two pillows (I have a bad back), and texting with that friend. I wasn’t watching the show in real-time, but off of the DVR as I had just gotten home from my Film Theory & Criticism class and the show had already started (plus, we like watching stuff commercial-free).

I sometimes wish I couldn’t remember all of these little details… it’s not that my movies or television shows are ruined when I rewatch them, but sometimes the non-media parts of the memories make me a little blue. (On the other hand, sometimes the non-media parts of the memories are the best parts… so, I win some, I lose some!)

Time to read some more of my Dexter book – woot. Have a good one!