Sometimes you just shouldn’t go on Facebook and see other people’s status updates and/or wall posts between mutual friends… especially when said other people used to talk to/joke with you about stuff and now they kinda stopped talking to you and talk to/joke with other people about the same stuff…

A small part of my wanted to throw up a little bit in my mouth, but a much, MUCH bigger part of me remembered that I am over it. And 800+ miles away from the offending others… So that helps. 🙂

So I breathe in and breathe out because I can, and then I get on with my day (night in this case) and remind myself that I am super thankful for my wonderful parents and equally thankful to not be in Ohio right now. Woot.

Today was a super busy day and none of it involved thesis proposal stuff, but I knew that going into said busy day.

Woke up, ate breakfast/watched the end of Waiting for Guffman and then ran a few errands with my mom. We went to the library (my Dexter DVDs were not in yet – sadness, but i did get Ian McEwan’s Solar to read after I’m done with my Dexter books- woot!)

Then we went grocery shopping, which went smoothly even though it was a big shop… we currently have a guest staying with us from Slovakia, so mom and I had to get some food stuff’s for tonight’s cookout and whatnot.

After errands we came home, had lunch/played Yahtzee to regroup, then we did chores chores chores. I cleaned the downstairs bathroom and vacuumed the rest of the downstairs floor while my mom did some other chores. We took a drink/Yahtzee break and then did a lot of work out on the deck. I picked tomatoes and watered all of the deck plants again while my mom did some gardening tasks. We then cut up a bunch of fruits and vegetables to prep for when my dad got home from work/our guest arrived.

Mom and I got done with all our chores around 5:00 pm, but Dad and our guest we’re to arrive until after 7:00. So, we played some more Yahtzee and then played ping=pong for over an hour… and i lost every ping-pong game. Epic fail. However, I would like to reiterate that I am not a bad ping-pong player… I’m actually quite good. My mom is just a bit better (plus, I have a bad habit of hitting balls that are already out… it’s a reflex by this point and i realize as soon as I hit the ball that I shouldn’t have. Alas). I can play equally well with my right and left hands, so I would switch it up… our last game I almost beat my mom, but my wrist started spazzing and I just couldn’t hold my lead. Oh well!

Dad and our guest arrived within a minute of each other, which was quite bizarre actually. Mom and I got a vegetable platter together and some chips and salsa. We all sat out on the deck and talked for awhile, then Dad grilled some burgers. We moved inside and mom threw together the final ingredients of the salads we started making earlier in the day (my mom is so organized – she’s awesome).

Martin (our guest) has an iPad, so he was showing us some pictures and stuff. I think iPads would be awesome if one were able to play CDs or DVDs… but you can’t, so I think they are kinda lame. I’m sorry, but I have over 350 DVDs… what good is an electronic device like an iPad if you can’t play any DVDs on it? Sorry, Steve Jobs, I’m not going to pay to download movies if I already bought/acquired hundreds of them in disc form.

I’m super tired, so I’m going to link out to stuff tomorrow or later this week. Tomorrow I am going to work on school stuff… I hope to have my Introduction all typed out tomorrow. Lofty goal? Perhaps. We shall see!

Sleep or a few chapters of Dexter? Ummmmmmmmm… Dexter!

Have a good one 🙂