So, remember the time when I said I was going to try and write (type) up my entire Introduction for my thesis proposal today? Well, I got two single-spaced pages done… but I know there is more information I need ot add to it. But I think I made some good progress considering how epically confused I was after perusing the OU Thesis and Dissertation website – yikes.

Let’s back track a bit… I woke up this morning and after my dad and Martin left for the day, Mom and I had breakfast and played some Yahtzee before we both needed to get to work. After we both stalled as long as we could, I headed back down to my room to type my paper.

Instead of just knocking out a proper Introduction, I thought it would be best if I had all my books and notes ready and placed about my work area (i.e. my giant red recliner with my wooden lap desk and Powerbook). I also thought I should read the Thesis and Dissertation page to see if there was some sort of format I was supposed to be adhering to for my proposal… that website is horrible. I downloaded the template it said I needed for my program – but even though it’s for computers with Word 2007 (which I think I have…), the template was for a PC and none of the directions correlated with the Word program I have installed on my Mac. I then looked through other formatting hints pages and they were pretty straight forward: use the Tab button, don’t do a hard return when you come to the end of a line, etc… Common sense, folks.

So, after probably an hour or so of reading this horrendous website, I decided it was time to get typing. But you must know that writing Introductions to anything (papers, short stories, scripts, etc…) is super hard for me. So I probably spent another 15 minutes or so flipping through my notes and typing a bunch of false starts onto my Word document. I wanted to entice a reader to continue reading, not bore him/her or scare him/her away. I know what is interesting to me isn’t exactly interesting to everyone else, but ideally, I would like a wide audience to want to read my paper.

After a few more false starts I realized that my Introduction was going to be similar in content to a paper I wrote earlier in the school year. I pulled that paper up on my computer and was thankful that I had a guideline of my own making that I could follow – yay Past Me for writing that paper this year πŸ™‚

So, I typed up my two single-spaced pages and realized that it was almost 12:30. I saved everything, shut off my computer and went upstairs to find my mom. We ate lunch together and played some more Yahtzee.

Because my brain can only focus on school work for a few hours at a time, I knew I was spent from scholastic activities the rest of the day. After lunch I did some chores downstairs while my mom did some chores upstairs and then I drove us to the grocery store so my mom could pick up some more fruit (her car was blocked in our driveway… plus she’s still not feeling awesome, so driving us a few blocks to the store was the least I could do). When we got home, I offered (and did) water all the plants on the sides and front of the house while my mom sat in a deck chair out front and read her book. After that, more Yahtzee was played, and then we moved to ping-pong. I actually almost one a game today, but I came up short 20-22. I’m getting better and I think within the next couple days, I will be victorious.

Dad and Martin got home from their day out on the river around 5. My parents and I chillaxed on the deck while Martin read for awhile. Then at 6 we piled into my car and went to Barnes and Noble and then out to dinner. If I understood him correctly, Martin works at a bookstore over in Slovakia, though I believe he used to work for some sort of park over there (which is how my dad knew him… I think). Regardless, he’s super friendly and it was nice to have him as our guest for a couple days. He’s leaving tomorrow, but is actually going to be spending a night in the city where my brother lives, so they are going to meet up. I’m sure they will get along really well, they seem to have some stuff in common.

When we got back home afterwards, my mom and dad recommended some National Parks and Recreation Areas where Martin and his wife should go on vacation next time they are in the States. Growing up, most family vacations were to National Parks and other historic sites. My mom busted out some of the photo albums she has been putting together to give Martin some visuals of some of the parks we’ve been to. After Martin went to bed, I looked through the rest of the photo albums with my mom. I love looking at photos from before I was born and when I was little… the pictures are friggin’ adorable, especially the ones of my brother. There is this picture of him and my great grandmother from one of our trips up to Maine. They are each lounging in a person-length lawn chair and the photo was taken during one of their conversations… Spud must have been, like, two or three years old. It’s too cute for words πŸ™‚

And that’s all that happened today… I should work on my paper more tomorrow. My dad and Martin are leaving around 9 and my mom will be at a doctor’s appointment for awhile, so I should work on stuff (even though I started rewatching The Hudsucker Proxy and would be fully content to just cuddle up with Moose and finish watching that… but I won’t. I’ll do work.).


And I just want to say “Hi” to the people who have been stumbling across my blog as of late. I noticed that a lot of people have been checking out some of my posts, most notably the one where I mentioned Michael C. Hall and how he was in Cabaret on broadway (yep – he’s a song-and-dance man… I think that’s awesome!).

I tried to find some more pictures of him in that show, but have epically come up short. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any video of him in that show (I scoured youtube… couldn’t find anything).

However, I did find some youtube video footage of him in Chicago. So, if you are a Michael C. Hall fan, check out his performance as Billy Flynn πŸ™‚ :