That line from Little Red Riding Hood’s song in Into the Woods has been stuck in my head today for some reason… (I actually know the reason. But you don’t need to worry about that…)

I’m looking forward to a time when I will be able to sleep through an entire night again… last night I woke up because I was burning up for some reason, so I shed one of the blankets off my bed and tried to open my window a bit more. Once I’m up, it takes freakin’ forever for me to fall back asleep. I was doing my ABC game, this time with television shows… I was on the letter C by time I fell back to sleep. That sounds like I would have gotten to sleep quickly, but a lot of shows start with the letters A, B, and C. Remember, I watch a lot of television and I also have studied television in school, so I can name a ton of programs, whether I’ve actually seen them or not… I will continue on with television shows tonight as I try to fall asleep in a little bit.

I woke up for reals around 7:00 this morning and had a bagel while I watched some more of The Hudsucker Proxy (sooooo good). My mom went off to her dermatologist appointment (check-up for skin cancer… blah. But so far, so good!) and then my dad and Martin left for the Twin Cities. By time I locked the front door, let Yukon out of her coup (she wasn’t allowed to roam free in the house while Martin was here as she’s not entirely great with strangers…) and went downstairs to start an email to my BFF, my mom came home! We played some Yahtzee before we both set out to accomplish some chores.

I went back down to my room to work on thesis proposal stuff while my mom started rearranging all of the furniture on the main floor of the house. We get a truck full of furniture on Saturday, so she’s trying to get our stuff where she thinks it should go when the stuff we’ve inherited from her mom and grandma shows up this weekend (I’m pumped because I’m getting my mom’s dad’s fireman jacket… it’s not like I can wear it out or anything, but I think it’s awesome that I get to have it!!)

We took a break for lunch after noon. She read while I watched some more Hudsucker.

After lunch it was more of the same… I went to my room to type while she moved furniture. Somehow I’m still at 2 single-spaced pages, though I added a lot of stuff and took out a lot of stuff. I’m still not done with the Introduction and I know I’m going to need to go back and fix some citations. My problem is that a lot of the stuff in my Introduction is factual information I already know as common knowledge (for me). But, even though I can quote these facts off the top of my head, I know it will need to be cited accordingly from other sources because no one is going to believe that I know this stuff on my own accord, and I refuse to be charged with plagiarizing. So far my Introduction isn’t quite following the awesomely detailed outline I have, but I think I’m going to have to scrap that part of the outline and go with the flow. I will try and work on more of it tomorrow, but mom said tomorrow is going to be a fun day, so we’ll see how much work I get done ๐Ÿ™‚

See, my mom has been coughing pretty bad ever since she got back from her road trip with my sister. My mom has a lot of doctor’s appointments this week because she wasn’t able to go on any while she was away for 5 weeks, so now they all kinda got piled on top of each other. So far, all is well. Hopefully at her appointment tomorrow her doctor will be able to help her out with the coughing and congestion. My mom is at the point where her nose is so stuffed up that she can’t taste anything (or smell anything). That sucks for her.

So, since tomorrow is that last of my mom’s three doctor’s appointments this week, she said we’re going to do something fun since this weekend is going to get hectic with all the furniture stuff. She suggested we might go see a movie… I’m always up for that! But we’ll see… so far I know we’re going to be bad and have cream sticks for breakfast when she gets back from the appointment. Cream sticks are fun ๐Ÿ™‚

We each got sick of our respective chores around 3:30, so we played some Yahtzee and had a drink, then went to the garage to play ping-pong. We played three games and I WON THE THIRD ONE!!!! I was so excited I actually shouted with glee. You don’t understand, my mom is super good at ping-pong and I have been trying every day for a week to beat her and I finally did!! Now I just need to beat her left-handed and I will have really conquered the ping-pong table! (I’m equally good with my right and left hands… but I beat her during a right handed game. I play each hand every other game…)

After our match, I let out the dogs and then my mom fed them. We helped Dad make dinner and then I queued up our latest Netflix selection – Cop Out (Kevin Smith’s latest movie… though he didn’t write this one). It was actually pretty funny… a pretty great cast too. After the flick, we watched the NBC line up.

I LOVE Community and 30 Rock. The Office has gone a bit downhill, but tonight’s rerun was a good one. Same with Parks and Recreation… though that show is mostly hits than misses. I love Aziz Ansari (can’t wait to see him in a few weeks) and Paul Schnieder (L-O-V-E him… he’s a great, underrated, actor).

And that brings me to now… I’m super tired (I’ll link out to stuff later this week, I promise!!!!!!). I’m gonna read a couple chapters of Dexter in the Dark and then sleep, sleep, sleep.

Have a good one!