I must have missed my mom this morning by mere minutes, as when I woke up at 8:32, the house was empty, except for the dogs. (After a few years of being mostly away from the family pets, I gotta admit that it is super wonderful to be greeted by two dogs every morning… gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside 🙂 )

As I knew my mom would be coming back with celebratory doughnuts after her doctor’s appointment, I grabbed a banana and a bottle of water and cozied up next to Moose on the couch and opted to start watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I boycotted this show when it first aired (If I was going to support a show about a TV sketch comedy show, it was going to be Tina Fey’s 30 Rock and *only* Tina Fey’s 30 Rock), but I thought I’d give it a whirl now that it’s available for Instant Stream on Netflix. I wouldn’t be watching it otherwise, as I’m not a huge fan of several of the actors/actresses on the show. I didn’t have my Dexter DVDs yet and I didn’t think I should get into something that’s more than one season long (I think my next long-running Netflix show is going to be Rescue Me, as I think firefighters are an interesting topic and I love me some Denis Leary). Plus, I used to work on a student late night variety show and I have read several books about the inner workings of late night comedy shows (i.e. SNL), so I appreciate the technical aspects of Studio 60. I’m only one episode in and it’s okay thus far, but I won’t be watching it again for awhile…

My mom got home around 10 and had great news from the doctor!! Despite her horrendous cough, she’s healthy and should be getting over her cough/congestion soon 🙂 We shared a couple doughnuts and played some Yahtzee. While we were plotting out the rest of the day, she was mentioning house chores and yard work stuff… she asked me if I was going to work on school stuff. I told her I guess I would, although she had said earlier in the week that Friday was going to be a fun day. I hinted at going to see a movie like she had suggested… and we ended up postponing chores (and canceling any school work for today – ha!) and went to go see The Switch.

Now, I am not a fan of Jennifer Aniston, but I thought she did all right in the movie (I didn’t dislike her…). And I love Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum!! (I’ve seen both of them on Broadway and like them as actors.) The little kid who played Sebastian was uber cute. But the biggest props for this movie go to Jason Bateman. (Btw – this movie is being promoted and advertised as a Rom-Com… not as such, people. More of a drama with a few comedic elements and major sarcasm via Bateman’s character.)

Good for you, Jason Bateman… you have come a long way since Teen Wolf Too 🙂 I loved Bateman in Arrested Development as Michael Bluth, and I thought he was great in Juno as the kinda creepy husband to Jennifer Garner’s character (you know his character’s relationship with Juno was not on the level…). But he really was great in The Switch. He was his usual sarcastic self, but the scenes he had with the kid were really great and often very moving (the picture frame scene!), and even the epic monologue he did near the end at Jennifer Aniston’s character (tear!) was solid. It didn’t feel contrived or anything… just some honest and vulnerable feelings-sharing. You really rooted for his character. (And, not that this makes or breaks an actor’s performance, but Jason Bateman looked ridonkulously attractive throughout that entire movie… daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-YUM.)

After the flick, mom and I came home and had lunch. I finished the Studio 60 pilot while she fielded calls from the doctor’s office and the guys who are bringing the truck full of furniture tomorrow. After that, we disassembled the dining room table and moved it to the sun porch to make room for the table we’re getting from my mom’s mom tomorrow.

It was getting to be 4 and we were tired (it’s hot and muggy here, blah). Mom went outside to read on our front yard deck chair while I went to my room to check emails. I had an email from the library saying my Season Three Dexter DVDs were in, so I flew outside to tell my mom I needed to go to the library. My car was blocked in (by my mom’s car and a boat), so she said she’d drive me. Within the half-hour. the Dexter DVDs were in my hands and I was super excited that I would be able to watch more Michael C. Hall goodness this weekend.

We got home and I fed the dogs and let them out. We sat with my mom for awhile outside, but it got to be 5:30 and hot/muggy, so we went in to start making dinner – fresh bruschetta. I picked some tomatoes from the side of the house and then sat on the counter while my mom chopped everything up. (For the record, I offered to help, but said offer was declined.)

Dad got home from work and mom and I finished up in the kitchen (I was allowed to mix all the ingredients together… so I guess I did help a bit). The three of us sat down for dinner and Dexter and ended up watching the entire first disc (three episodes). In between episodes, I helped clean up the kitchen and then Moose climbed up onto the couch in between my mom and I and fell asleep on me for awhile (Moose = one of the most cuddliest dogs we’ve ever had… I love her!).

So, now I have some Dexter Season Three under my belt and am about to read a few more chapters of the third Dexter book. I still like the show better than the books, but the books are decent.

I promise I will link out to stuff soon… it’s been too busy around here (for reals).

Have a great weekend!!!