So I learned a new word today c/o my dad… “biota”. According to, a “biota” is the “animals, plants, fungi, etc., of a region or period.”

Armed with this new information, I did what I always do when my dad says something to me… I turned it into a “your mom” joke.

My dad’s mom passed away two years ago this past July 4th. Awhile after her passing, I asked my dad if it is okay to still say “your mom” jokes at him. He said it was, and that his mom would probably think it’s funny, so I keep doing it.

This weekend was a wasted weekend on many levels. As I reported yesterday, our truck-o-furniture got delayed until today. And the truck did come today and now there is furniture in our living room and garage. But it was still a wasted weekend…

The truck guys told my mom that they’d call around noon today and hoped to be at our house around 3. We didn’t hear from the guys until 3:00, and then even though they said they’d be here in an hour, they didn’t show up until 4:45… So what did we do until 4:45? Hmmm…

I work up this morning to the sound of my mom closing the front door of the house. I walked upstairs, was greeted by my dad and Moose (Yukon just wagged her tail from the laying down position inside of her coup in which she was sleeping on her own accord…). Mom came back shortly with the Sunday paper and a box of fresh doughnuts.

On a whole, my family actually eats pretty healthy, but this was the second time in three days that there were doughnuts in the house… I knew it was likely because my mom was stressing about the furniture stuff and doughnuts were a hassle-free and tasty way to get through the morning.

After some doughnuts and part of This Week With Christiane Amanpour we turned off the TV and began plotting the rest of the day.

(Political tangent – we stopped watching after the segment about the Ground Zero Islamic Center. First of all, it’s not at Ground Zero, it’s a few blocks away. Second of all, people are saying that they want to build a Mosque. They don’t want to build a Mosque, they want to build the Muslim equivalent of a JCC. Come on people – let them build the MCC!! I understand that some people are upset that building a place for Muslim people near the site of one of the worst [the worst?] tragedy our country has faced, but the whole of the Muslim population was not responsible for 9/11. Don’t blame an entire group of people for a small group of people’s problems – that’s not fair. Our country is built on personal freedoms… the First Amendment guarantees us the Freedoms of Speech, Petition, Assembly, Religion and Press. I’m pretty sure a Muslim Community Center falls under the Freedoms of Speech, Assembly and Religion parts. America was built on immigration and religious tolerance. Why do you think some of those pilgrims worked their way over here from England? Religious freedom and religious tolerance. We don’t have to agree with everyone else’s religious viewpoints, but we should do our best to tolerate them. What about the whole “Do unto others” message that is a part of most religious texts? That seems to apply to everyone. End political tangent.)

After the politically stimulating morning, I swept the front porch after my parents moved the potted plants away so stuff could be brought inside more easily later. Mom and I played some Yahtzee.

During lunch we watched an episode of Dexter. I love that both of my parents are as hooked on this show as I am!!

While we waited for the truck guys to call, my mom and I played five games of ping-pong… I won two of them!!!! I still need to beat Mom while playing left handed, but I am sooooo getting there!

After the game, I went to my room to catch up on some emails and read Post Secret. Reading that website every Sunday is therapeutic. Sometimes I’ll see a secret that I can relate to, and during those times, I feel a bit better that I’m not the only person in the world who is having that problem, or is wishing that wish.

Since it was after 3:00 by this time, I turned off my computer and went outside to sit with my mom. When the truck people showed up, I was going to be forced back into my room anyway to watch the dogs, so I figured I would spend some time away from my computer before I was to be forced to sit and work on my paper while the truck was being unloaded.

At 4:45, we first heard the truck and then saw it turn down our street. I was ushered inside to get the dogs. I put our phone back on its cradle, grabbed two dog biscuits and asked my dogs if they wanted a treat. Their ears perked up and they dutifully followed me downstairs to my room. When the three of us were inside, I shut the door and turned around to see my dogs sitting like the good girls they are. I rewarded them with their treats and then helped both of them jump onto my bed. When they were settled, I sat in my oversized red recliner and restarted my computer. By time the truck guys left around 6:00, I had written another page of my Introduction. It’s not Shakespeare yet, but it’s not utter crap either.

My mom came downstairs to get me and the dogs. While the dogs bolted from my room, my mom handed me a letter as I was shutting off my computer. While the truck guys were carrying up one of the pieces of furniture, a letter had fallen out of one of the drawers – it was from April 1944 and it was a letter that my great-grandfather wrote to my great-grandmother while he was away for the navy. The letter was super cute – he was writing about what was going on where he was at and how he was getting over being sick and had to take shots. He expressed so much love for my great-grandmother and their daughter (my mom’s mom) that it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I miss him and my great-grandmother (both passed away – him in March 2004, and her a few weeks ago), but I am very fortunate to have known both of them fairly well throughout my entire childhood and into adulthood 🙂

My mom and I opened some of the drawers of the various furniture pieces. We found a lot of linens, blankets, hook rug stuff, Christmas decorations, stuffed animal moose for my Mom and the Fireman’s jacket for me! I tried it on and it fits great – it has my mom’s dad’s name embroidered on it, an American flag sewn onto the left sleeve and a huge Plainview Plainfield, NJ patch on the front! Awesome

Dad went and got us some pizzas and we relaxed and watched three episodes of Dexter. We only have the Season Three finale left… it’s such a great show! I friggin’ love Michael C. Hall. His silences speak louder than any of his dialogue. BUH-RILLIANT.

We’ll finish the season tomorrow night and then likely watch Book of Eli (oh, Netflix). Hopefully I’ll get Season Four of Dexter soon!!! Love. That. Show.

My dad has to go to work tomorrow and my mom will likely be going through all the drawers of our newly acquired furniture. I will try and work some more on my paper and the probably help my mom, or at least play some more Yahtzee and/or ping-pong.

Have a great start to your week!