So, I woke up in a panic last night. My mom says that when you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t go back to sleep, you should read for awhile and then go back to sleep. Well, I woke up at 5:00 this morning and I opted not to read because I thought that if I started to read, I would never fall back to sleep. I tried doing my ABC game (I’m still working on listing television shows alphabetically…), but my mind kept wandering back to what woke me up in the first place – worrying about my thesis proposal and money.

I really shouldn’t be worried about either, but I was for some reason and it was keeping me up. I did fall back to sleep at some point, as I woke up around 8:30 and knew it was time to get out of bed.

I wandered upstairs to find my mom at the table we put in the kitchen a couple days before… we call it the “breakfast nook” even though more often than not, no one will eat breakfast there. She was paying bills, so I sat down with her and had breakfast. We played a couple rounds of Yahtzee before we both went our separate ways. I went back downstairs to fold clothes and grab a shower while she ran errands at Target.

We both finished our respective things to do at the same time and had a drink and played some more Yathzee. Then we both went our separate ways… I went downstairs to my room to work on my thesis proposal while my mom moved around some her furniture to replace it with what came in on the truck yesterday.

I got another page done on my Introduction section and was visited by Moose. I could only concentrate for so long before I was browsing around at pictures, trying to decide what should be the background for my computer. (Right now it’s Jason Bateman and Will Arnett in a still from Arrested Development – they are on the ground post-fighting over Marta from the episode “Beef Consomme“.)

When I went back upstairs around 12:45, I saw that my mom had made a lot of progress. The living room still looked like a bit of a disaster zone, so we had lunch at the breakfast nook (once the house is back to normal, I swear no one will eat at the kitchen table…) and played some more Yahtzee. Afterwards we split back up – I worked a bit more on my paper (not as much as I could have, I’m sure) and she did more rearranging.

After awhile my mom came downstairs to visit me and see if I wanted a break (yeppers!). We went upstairs and took a mini break. I told her I couldn’t stare at my computer anymore (true story), so I helped her empty drawers, hang a heavy mirror and bring our dry sink down into the garage. With our powers combined (though mostly her ingenuity), we also managed to somehow open a drawer that was stuck half-way closed because of a mangled potato masher…

Dad got home from work around 5:30 and by 6:30 we were all eating dinner together and watching the Season Finale of Dexter Season Three. All three of us were talking at the TV at various points of the show… it was kinda funny.

BTW – best line from Season Three (Episode 10)

After that Dad and I started watching The Book of Eli, but I walked out after 15 minutes… my brother warned me it was horrible. He was very right.

I asked Mom if she wanted to play some more Yahtzee… so we played a few rounds. I am getting Yahtzeed out, so I asked if we could play Trivial Pursuit. As it was nearing time to pack it it, Mom offered up Boggle and I accepted and promptly swept four games in a row. I had some solid seven letter words going on… woot.

Because I am so sick looking at my computer, I will not watch Arrested Development as I had planned on doing. Instead I will finish my Dexter book and perhaps start the next one…

Have a swell day 🙂