Two hours of Glee reruns was exactly what I needed today…

Sure, I have Glee Season One Volume One DVDs – The Road to Sectionals, but I needed some of the Back 9, and tonight FOX aired Sectionals AND Hell-o!!! Oh, Jonathan Groff, how I love thee… (but more about Glee later!)

I woke up at 6 thinking about my paper and then somehow willed myself back to sleep until 8:30 again. I would love to sleep all the way through the night like I used to do… friggin’ worrying about everything all the time. Oy.

I got up and found my mom doing a Crossword puzzle on her computer. I made myself some breakfast (yogurt with chopped banana, granola, chocolate chips and star-shaped sprinkles… breakfast of champions) and sat down to watch the first half of Episode Three of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I paused several times to explain to my mom who the characters are and what the show is about… she will likely be watching this with me from now on as she seemed intrigued.

After breakfast I went with my mom to run a couple errands – got gas for the lawn mower and then went grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping with my mom… I remember going grocery shopping with her when I was younger. She always has her list, and it is arranged in the order of how one finds things in the store… something I wish I would have picked up on. My lists are always just in the order of how things come to my mind as I’m writing the list. But not my mom – she’s super organized.

We got home and unpacked the groceries. After a drink and a couple rounds of Yahtzee we went about our respective chores. I attempted to finish the Introduction of my thesis proposal (it’s kinda done… enough so that I will start my Literature Review tomorrow) while she mowed the grass.

We reconvened at 11:30 for pizza and more Yahtzee. Toward the end of our lunch break, Mom kinda brought up jobs… she’s not pressuring me to get one tomorrow, but said how that even if I worked a little, any money I would make would be like savings. I tried to tell her that I have been job hunting, but that I am hesitant to get a job right this very second as I have plans to go away in September and have a weekend conflict in October and how I hate going into a job with days I will already need off. She kinda rolled her eyes at me, so I said that my resume was updated and I’d keep looking.

So instead of working more on my paper, I tried to job hunt. I spent over 30 minutes on a bajillion different job search sites and I could feel my soul crushing to pieces. There wasn’t much that looked even remotely interesting. Then the jobs that I thought would be good were ones where I didn’t have enough job experience, or with the hours I wouldn’t physically be able to work on my paper.

Conundrum, folks.

See, I have a BSC in Telecommunications… I majored in Video Production and minored in Film. A bulk of my undergraduate classes were spent watching or making television and movies. I am excellent at breaking down what a certain scene means in a movie, or can tell you what kind of shot to use to evoke certain feelings or thoughts from an audience. I can break down a script and know my way around a television or film set. None of these skills are very applicable to almost all of the jobs I have found online… No one wants someone who is capable of film theory and criticism. They want someone with 5 years of managerial experience or a person who is a professional at a bunch of computer programs I’ve never heard of.

I did find a job that looked kinda okay and began filling out their online form. They had a spot where you could copy and paste your resume, which I tried to do, but I had to reformat the whole thing. It took a half hour. Then I tried to submit it, but besides the resume, they still wanted you to fill in all the boxes that has the EXACT SAME FRIGGIN’ INFORMATION AS A RESUME. I had to save my form and will finish it tomorrow… I wanted to throw my computer across the room.

Luckily Mom needed help moving our new dining room table, so I took that as a sign to stop being on my computer for awhile and go help move stuff around. The table looks nice. I can’t wait until the holidays when the whole family is sitting around it šŸ™‚

Mom also went through the drawers of the furniture that is in the garage… lots of moose and duck stuff. Some old board games. Wall hangings I remember from my great-grandparents house in New Jersey. This awesome plate that says “Cheese” on it with a glass covering that looks like a mini cake box. Lots of odds and ends. We also inherited a deer head that is going in our foyer… my mom’s dad shot it and had it mounted for a wall-hanging. We’re going to be one of those families with a dead animal front and center when you walk into our house.

My dad got in around 6:15 and we finished getting dinner together – BBQ chicken nachos. My mom still can’t smell or taste… which sucks for her because the nachos were pretty awesome.

We sat as a family and ate dinner and watched the two episodes of Glee. As much as my dad rags on the show, he actually was aware of most of the plot points and characters. I know he doesn’t like the show half as much as I love it, but I know he’ll tolerate it for me by time new episodes air in September.

I love Glee. I *LOVE* it. I love the music, I love the characters, I love the actors… Jane Lynch is freakin’ amazing as Sue Sylvester. And I love that one of tonight’s reruns (Hell-o) was from the Back 9 because I LOVE Jonathan Groff. My sister and I saw him and Lea Michele in Spring Awakening a few years ago and I have loved him as an actor ever since. (BTW – I recently found these two Tumblr pages dedicated to Jonathan and Jesse/Rachel… they are sooooo great!)

The best part from Hell-o is when Rachel first meets Jesse and they sing “Hello” together. Brilliant!!

I am behind the times, but I just found out today that Glee Season One Volume 2 – The Road to Regionals will be available (as will Season One in its entirety), as well as a Karaoke Revolution Glee Wii game!!!! That comes out in November, just in time for my birthday… WOOT!

I’m high on Glee right now, but I should get back into Dexter mode… I finished the third book last night and will start the fourth one shortly.

Oh yeah – my dad is the cutest! We just finished Dexter Season Three yesterday. So today he asked me if we should get Dexter Season Four on Netflix next. I told him I’m 6th in line at the library to get the DVDs, but he was insinuating that he wants to watch it now! I’m so proud that my dad is into a show that I like too!! Besides SNL, we really don’t have the same taste in television, so I’m glad we are both fans of Dexter šŸ™‚

Have a fantastic evening!!

(P.S. I saw that someone I was friends/colleagues with in undergrad just got dumped šŸ˜¦ I haven’t talked to her in awhile, but I still feel bad. I doubt she reads this blog, but I’m going to just throw this out there – It’s okay to be unhappy or sad, but that relationship did not define who you are. You are going to be stronger because of this and you will meet someone who is right for you. Maybe not tomorrow, and maybe not next week, but sometime. Love yourself first šŸ™‚ )