So, this evening I rewatched Star Trek (2009) for probably the tenth time… somehow I like the movie more each time I watch it – and I’m not even a Trekker.

I am a Star Wars gal through and through… I have a TIE fighter cling on the back window of my car, I had a Star Wars themed room when I was in middle/high school (posters, action figures, pillow…) and I got a Yoda Buddy from my sister for Christmas. He’s currently seated in my ginormous red recliner where I work on my school work if I’m in my room. I know all of the dialogue from the original three Star Wars films by heart and my graphing calculator (which just got mailed to my little brother this morning) is adorned with Star Wars stickers.

But I still love the Star Trek movie.

I’m not a traitor – the Star Trek movie has elements of the Star Wars movies. Plus, the Trek cast is awesome… one of the most well-cast movies in recent years, in my opinion. Chris Pine NAILED it as James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto was pretty much born to play Spock. Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, John Cho and Anton Yelchin make for a perfect Enterprise crew and Eric Bana was a solid Romulun bad guy. Star Trek was funny, action-packed, well paced and visually stimulating (good effects, both practical and CGI). I kinda want the sequel to be out now…

Other than watch Star Trek, I did some other stuff today too. I woke up freakishly early (okay, 7:00) and instead of falling back to sleep went out to breakfast with my parents. When back at the house, I cozied up to the dog (it was cold this morning and Moose makes a better blanket than an actual blanket) while my mom took care of some stuff she needed to do over the phone. Afterward we went to the post office to mail my brother my calculator and my uncle some books.

My mom and I then went to go play tennis… and neither of us as played in a long time. But, we weren’t as bad as I thought we were going to be. The grip on my racket is shot, so I’ll need to fix that soon. My racket’s grip is also way to big for my hands (and I have big hands), but I’ve had the racket forever. The only reason I picked the racket is because it was my favorite colors (blue, green, purple and black). Didn’t matter that it was physically too big for my middle school hands – it was pretty, so I wanted that one.

After a half-hour of sub-par tennising (we’re going to go again… we’re going to get better), we went to the library to return some books and Season Three of Dexter (I hope the next person in line enjoys it as much as we did!) and get some more books, some DVDs and CDs. I got the original version of True Grit so I can watch it before the remake comes out this winter. I also got Cool Hand Luke b/c I friggin’ LOVE that movie. My mom picked out Mrs. Miniver. She’s suggesting we try and watch all of the movies that have won Best Picture. That’s a good goal and totally fits in with the work I’m doing for my thesis proposal… I was actually counting up all the Best Picture winners I’ve seen and/or own. There have been 82 movies named Best Picture thus far. I’ve seen 50 and I own 14 of them. So, I still have some work cut out for me…

After lunch, I was supposed to be hard at work on my thesis proposal Literature Review. I probably got a page done when I got sidetracked… I saw on that Jimmy Fallon is having a sort of contest for the Emmys. You can Tweet introductions for fifteen of the presenters and he’ll pick people’s Tweets and read them out loud on the telecast… I submitted a few and will try and think of some more!

I helped my mom with some rearranging and then we plotted out how we’re going to rearrange my room tomorrow morning. Should be pretty good… I am *this close* to having an entire bookshelf full of DVDs. It’s going to be exciting… almost like my dream of an entire wall of DVDs. But a bookshelf is a great start 🙂

After our plotting, I cut up a bunch of tomatoes to make bruschetta for dinner (we have soooooo many tomatoes in the yard that we need to eat, it’s ridiculous). My dad came home and decided he wanted cayenne pepper in his bruschetta, so he picked one and cut it up. My eyes began to water and my mouth began to tingle (it’s still burning a bit) and I had to leave the kitchen because my mouth and eyes hurt so bad just from breathing in the pepper smell. Ouch!

During dinner we watched Star Trek, then I watched Modern Family. The Billy Elliot line gets me every time!!

And now I’ll read… not my Dexter book that I am a few chapters into already, but a guilty pleasure book … hahaha. (I didn’t see the movie, so it’s only still a lot embarrassing for me to be reading this. I just didn’t feel like thinking right now…)

Have a good one!