Tonight’s Netflix screening was Pirate Radio aka The Boat That Rocked aka a really great movie about Rock N Roll music in the 1960s 🙂 Great cast (Oh Philip Seymour Hoffman, how I love thee), well-paced script, and probably one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard in my entire life… classic music, man.

There was a thunderstorm around 2 am which woke me up, so I crawled out of bed to shut my window as rain was coming in. Then around 6:30 am my phone made the “You’ve got a text!” sound. If was from my BFF, but the text was not meant for me… hey, these things do happen 😉

I got up for realsies at 8:45 and played some Yahtzee with my mom while we ate breakfast. Then I went with her to Target to pick up the stuff that was on the list she made. We got home and had some pizza, played more Yahtzee, then split up to do our respective chores. She cleaned up the laundry room, vacuumed and did other tasks around the house while I tried to punch out more of my Literature Review… I got another solid page of single-spaced typing done (so really two pages…).

At 2:45 we met in the garage for some ping-pong. We played five games and I won the last one – woot!

By that time, my dad was home and he needed to run to Walgreens to pick up some prescription. Mom and I tagged along because then we were going to pick up some more stuff for my mom at Wal-Mart (blah) and stop at Half Price Books!! HPB is having a Labor Day sale – everything is an additional 20% off, which is nice. My mom and dad sold them some books and they ended up letting me get this AMAZING book that’s part of a series that I’ve wanted for awhile…

I got the 2006-2007 Playbill Broadway Yearbook!!! Between shows I saw on Broadway that year, as well as touring shows and shows that were still on Broadway that year, I’ve seen 18 of the shows in the book!! This one is the third annual edition and one day I hope to collect them all, but this is a great start! I’ve already scanned through it a few times and will read it more in depth tomorrow… it’s a theater geek’s handbook, basically. Soooooooo good 🙂

When we were done running errands, we came home and watched Pirate Radio. I’m glad my parents liked it – I was a bit worried when I put it in our queue. But, when it was done, they both said that it was good, so I’m glad I picked it!

Tomorrow my mom and I are bringing some furniture to the Goodwill and then seeing a movie. I hope to get some more of my Lit Review done, and then it’s a holiday weekend! I don’t know if my family has plans… we shall see.

I’m bonkers tired. I’m going to close this and read a couple chapters of Dexter by Design and then sleep, sleep, sleep!

Have a good one 🙂