So, today I was a waste of space and pretty much just played ping-pong with my mom. I kid you not, we played probably 20-30 games of ping-pong… and I lost every single one of them. But that’s okay.

But, it’s the weekend. And one is allowed to not do school work on weekends, right? Next weekend I’ll be at my sister’s, so that’ll be nice 🙂 And I will get school work done this week, for reals. I have a job interview on Tuesday (just a job, not a career while I’m in MN working on my thesis… I need $$. Health insurance, trips to the movies and TV on DVD is not going to pay for itself…)

Besides playing ping-pong, my mom and I watched 4 or 5 episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I still like it a lot, but all of the budding romances between a bunch of the people who work on the show is getting a bit much.

I also started chuckling to myself because of Matthew Perry’s character. It’s just funny to me because I know people who talk like his character (and even his character on Friends)… and there are other actors/characters in pop culture who I see my peers modeling their mannerisms and ways of talking off of.

Now I’m typing this up and watching the Tina Fey/Justin Beiber SNL rerun. Unlike most of America, I do not have Beiber fever. However, I will admit that he did a good job on this episode… he was good in the sketch he did with Fey, and he seems like a capable performer (for a twelve year old… or however young this kid is).

Tina Fey, in my eyes, can do no wrong. She is my heroine, “and by heroine I mean ‘lady hero’. I don’t mean I want to inject [her] and listen to jazz.”

Tina Fey was one of my favorite SNL writers and performers of all time, and I love 30 Rock like it’s my job. It’s so refreshing to have a comedy created by and starring a smart woman. I’m pumped about the upcoming 5th season of 30 Rock 🙂

Yeah, this is a short post… I am beyond sleepy. I doubt I’ll make it much further into SNL.

Have a good one!

P.S. The Burger King commercial – BK value meal – w/the guy in the yellow rain slicker is on right now… and I’m almost 98% sure that the guy in the rain coat went to my high school (he was two years ahead of me, in my sister’s grade… I have his autograph somewhere on my She Loves Me score from one of the school musicals). Ben Begley. He’s funny… check out his myspace page. And watch video clips here.