I woke up in the middle of the night last night because I was too hot. So, I took off my socks and then tried to absorb whatever coolness I could from the wood paneled wall that is smack up against my bed. I then tried to fall back asleep by clearing my mind of worry about thesis junk and whatnot by playing a version of my alphabet game. This time I was going through the alphabet and for each letter trying to think of a celebrity I found attractive, as well as someone who I knew in person who I found attractive over the years… and when I got to “H” I started having problems. I could list several “H” celebrities… Harrison Ford, Hugh Dancy, Hunter Parish. But then I couldn’t think of any person I knew in person whose name started with an H. After awhile I wasn’t even trying to think up a guy’s name anymore, I was just trying to think if I knew anyone whose name started with an H. And instead of my alphabet game helping me fall asleep, I was up for awhile trying to come up with “H” names. I looked around on Facebook today and saw that I had 2 or 3 friends whose names started with H. But if my life depended on it last night, I would not have been able to come up with H names… sadness. (For the record, I don’t have any friends or know people named Henry, Harry or Hannah… but I totally forgot about people named Heather. Ridonkulous!)

I did finally get back to sleep and I woke up this morning and my mom and I watched another episode of Studio 60 with breakfast. Then she asked me if I was ready for ping-pong… I had to say yes.

I changed into some ping-pong clothes (OU sweatpants and t-shirt, obviously) and got a Glee-mix out of my CD binder. We must have played 7 or 8 games… and I won 3 of them!!!!!

I beat my mom in ping-pong once with my left hand and twice with ye olde right hand. I’m surprised I didn’t wake up the neighbors, I was whooping with glee (Glee!) so loud. And that left-handed game, I was down 11-1 and I came back to win 21-19 (or something like that). Victory tasted good… and it was extra sweet when I defeated my mom while my dad was watching later on, because he was cheering for her. Mwuhahahahaha πŸ™‚

After ping-pong we got pizza for lunch and watched some of the US Open (Tennis!!! We loves watching tennis!).

I changed out of my ping-pong clothes into normal people clothes and headed over to Molly J’s house (when I left, my parents were playing ping-pong… I live in a crazy house).

Once there, we chatted and played some board games πŸ™‚ We played a game I had never heard of called Wreck the Nation… what a depressing game! I don’t want to believe that all of the facts on the game cards are true, but I think they are… yikes! Then we played some Balderdash… that’s a great game! I love vocabulary words πŸ™‚

Then she showed me her Etsy page and the ADORABLE little worry dolls she makes πŸ™‚ Check them out!!!

So, as you can tell, I didn’t work on school work again today. I plan on doing some Lit Review stuff tomorrow and this week. I promise. I do want to get my thesis proposal defended before the end of Fall Quarter. I know I need to be working on it, but I have to do that during the morning or early afternoon because then some epic headaches set in and I can’t focus or look at the computer for the amount of time I need to. Blah!

When I got home from Molly’s, my mom and I watched another episode of Studio 60. She’s really digging it, and I like it a lot, but the cheese factor has risen exponentially. And Harriet is a freakin’ nut job! Yikes

Well, speaking of nut jobs, I’m going to read some more of my Dexter book! I can totally head Michael C. Hall’s voice in my head when I read the books… awesome. I still like the show better, but this will tide me over till I get Season Four!

Have a good one!