A beautiful day in the neighborhood… still a bit chilly, but I dressed for the occasion. (i.e. yoga pants and my Wicked shirt… woot)

Because my mom is getting her colonoscopy tomorrow, today was an unpleasant food/beverage day for her. I felt bad as I ate my granola and nectarine in front of her as we played Yahtzee during breakfast. She had a cup of tea and said she had some Jello before I woke up. A woman cannot live on Jello alone.

Afterward, she did some house chores while I tried to work on my Literature Review… I am now on the second of five parts of my Lit Review, so that’s progress, right?

Around 11:45 I quit and went upstairs to see how my mom was doing. She was drinking tea and reading a book at the breakfast nook. We spilt a can of soup for lunch… she had all the broth and I had the chicken, noodles and vegetables. It was all a bit ridiculous 🙂

After lunch we played some ping-pong, since she only had a couple hours before she had to drink this gross mixture of Gatorade and some powder that was going to pretty much make her down for the count the rest of the day. Even though I know my mom was not at full strength, she still kicked my ass in multiple games of ping-pong. Afterward she did a few more chores and I went back to my Literature Review… I probably got another two pages done (this friggin’ thing is going to be ginormous).

At 3:45, I went back upstairs, as the Gatorade-athon was to begin for my mom at 4. I brought my computer, phone and Snuggie upstairs (in case my mom got cold but still wanted to read her book…). I planted myself at the dining room table and starting making some Playlists for my upcoming road trip. At 4, my mom poured her first glass of Gatorade/powder solution and drank. Her face screwed up and I could tell that whatever this was that she was ingesting was not particularly tasty. For the next couple hours, she drank a glass every fifteen minutes. Gross…

As time wore on, her drinking got a bit slower. I liken it to the scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Harry has to force feed (drink?) Dumbledore that stuff to get the necklace (except that I never had to force drink my mom anything… she drank that stuff on her own accord the whole time because she is a champion).

My dad got home and we pretty much just all sat in the living room while my mom drank the stuff. She retired to their bedroom to read around 7:30, so my dad and I watched Public Enemies.

I saw Public Enemies in theaters because I am a big fan of Billy Crudup, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale (all with prime positions on my Favorite Actors list, for sure). The movie is pretty good… I am a fan of director Michael Mann and the ensemble cast is solid. Good gun battles, plus the acting is spot on. Johnny Depp can pretty much do no wrong. He’s great in everything… but I think my favorite Johnny Depp performance is in Ed Wood. I LOVE that movie!

Ed Wood

And I still love Christian Bale, even though he kinda went berserk a couple years ago. Even though he’s mostly known for the Batman franchise, I still remember him well from Newsies and Swing Kids when he just sang and/or danced right into my heart!


Swing Kids

And let’s not forget Billy Crudup… love him in everything he’s done too. I saw him on Broadway in The Pillowman and almost all of his movies. It’s hard to pick just one clip to share, but check this one out from Big Fish:

Well, off to bed… then errands and maybe some more Lit Review tomorrow. Friday I’ll do laundry, pack and watch the Stand Up 2 Cancer special and then I’ll head to see my sister on Saturday.

Have a good one!