Well, since I’m living in Minnesota and I had a crush on Brett Favre ever since elementary school, I guess I need to root for the Vikings. I’m not a football fan (which I chalk up to being forced to attend massive amounts of high school football games because of marching band… and our high school team wasn’t all that great), but I guess I will feign interest for the safety of my Minnesota-living well being.

Besides being the official opener of football season (we just saw Harry Connick Jr singing “When the Saints Go Marching In” during the pre-game), today was my mom’s colonoscopy – success! She’s perfectly healthy and they didn’t find any polyps or irregularities. Clean bill of health = 🙂

While my mom was getting her procedure (or as her wrist band said “Event”) done, I sat in the waiting room and finished a book by Nora Ephron that I had been reading. I also played a bunch of games of solitaire on my iPod. After about an hour and a half, a nurse came and got me and let me go back to recovery to see my mom. Having never seen my mom on a hospital bed before, it was a bit jarring for me. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. I sat on the window ledge and talked to her while she was coming out of a sedative-induced haziness. My mom was so cute – she ended up telling me the same story three times during the fifteen minutes or so that we had to wait before another nurse came to bring her some soda and take her blood pressure.

After receiving the good news that all went well during the procedure, my mom was allowed to leave. She was still a little dizzy when we left and held on to my arm as we walked to my car. She called my dad to let him know everything went all right and then we went to Panera for lunch since my mom could eat normal food again.

Because my mom was still a bit out of it, we decided to put off errands (Best Buy, etc…) until tomorrow. We got home, let the dogs out and then played some Yahtzee. Still a bit sluggish from the day (I was tired too… my mom at least had an excuse that she had medical stuff done, but I was super tired and had a huge headache for reasons unbeknownst to me), we went to the living room. I finished watching American Teen while she did her daily USA Today crossword puzzle. Then we watched two episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I’m a little bit in love with Matthew Perry’s character… but not these pills that he’s been taking. (Drugs are bad, kids.)

I was still tired, but after the second show, my mom was all like, “Let’s play some ping-pong!” Really, my mom?

So, even though I kinda didn’t want to, I played a bunch of ping-pong with my mom. I won one game, but lost a lot. I got a little pissy since I was losing so much and I was tired/still had a headache. So we stopped and played a few more games of Yahtzee (and I took some ibuprophen… which doesn’t seem to have any affect on me anymore. No over the counter pain pills do. That’s because of a neck/back injury from the summer of 1998… but that’s a horse of a different color).

My mom let out the dogs while I read the latest issue of EW – The Fall TV Preview!!! So many shows, no DVR 😦 Thursday nights will be tricky… Community/30 Rock are up against Bones. Blah! I hate watching shows on the computer, so I’ll have to figure something out… like watch it on the internet through the Wii.

I’m posting early tonight so that way when I go to bed later I can just read (or watch a DVD) before I go to sleep. Plus, we have the football game on (Saints just scored a TD), and I’m not the biggest football fan (unless it’s the Superbowl), so I thought that being online and multitasking was a good way to spend my time right now.

Enjoy the game. I hope your team wins.

Have a good one!