So, I woke up this morning around 7:30 and was in my car and driving to Kansas by 8:30. I drove for three hours before I stopped to stretch my legs and call my mom to let her know where I was (outside of Ames, Iowa). I hate driving, so my plan was to only stop once more to fill up the gas tank and then keep on going. I was eating gum drops and organic rabbit-shaped crackers, so I was good to go, food-wise. I just wanted to get to my sister’s apartment as soon as possible with the least amount of stops.

In Iowa, I decided to stop for gas at this place called Kum & Go, as it seemed to be the only gas establishment in the state (or at least where I was at). I got out of my car, pressed all the right buttons until it got to the prompt that said “press for kind of gas” and it showed a picture on the screen of a button you were supposed to press. Well, that button didn’t exist anywhere on the gas pump. I was hitting all sorts of stuff that I thought was buttons (including the “help” button, to no avail). I cursed loudly at the machine, cancelled my order and drove off in a huff. Of course I had to stop at another Kum & Go a few miles down the road… and again the prompt screen showed a picture of a button you were supposed to press… but again there were no buttons. I cursed some more and finally figured out how to get the gas – you had to lift up some lever thing. Perhaps the prompt screen should have showed a picture of a lever and told you to lift it, as opposed to showing you a picture of a nonexistent button you are supposed to press. Bah!

I made it to my sister’s place in about 7 1/2 hours, which was good time. We carried my stuff up to her apartment (3rd floor) and then decided to go to dinner at a Mexican restaurant she thought was supposed to be good (it was). After that, we went to the BBW so she could get some soap, then Old Navy so I could get some black clothes for work, then Target (well, Super Target) for some socks and groceries (I need to get shoes, so I needed socks so I could try on shoes…). We’re going to some mall tomorrow, then watching the VMAs!!

My sister loves Halloween, and there is a bunch of Halloween stuff out in stores now. While in Target, we happened upon this little ghost with blue felt eyes and mouth. Sarah was enamored right away, so she bought him. While in the checkout line, he was on the conveyor belt, and the little girl behind us poked him, looked at Sarah and then asked her mom, “Why is she getting Christmas?” The mom pointed out that the ghost was for Halloween, to which the little girl asked, “Why is she getting Halloween?” My sister and I chuckled.

On the way to the car, we were trying to figure out what to name the ghost. I suggested “Weebs,” from that SNL Boston Teens sketch where Jimmy Fallon and Ben Affleck are listing off a bunch of their friends names and they talk about “Casper” (pronounced “Caspuh”) and “Weebs”. So since there is already a ghost named Casper, I told her we should name him Weebs. And so we did…

After errands, we were both pretty wiped out (she had a football game in the morning and was super sunburned). So, we had some soda, watched Camp Rock 2 (my sister was uber kind enough to DVR it for me… CHEESETASTIC!) and played with Weebs. The best line of Camp Rock 2 went to Kevin Jonas who told some little campers that if they wanted to be lead singers, they had to get tighter pants and learn how to play the tambourine (a blatant jab at Joe Jonas… for those of you not in the JoBros know… for the record, I am not a die-hard JoBros fan, but I did like the first Camp Rock movie. So sue me…)

The movie ended and my sister (w/my permission) went to a party while I stayed at the apartment to type this up. I’ll also watch some extras on my I Love You, Man DVD and then get some sleep… I’m bonkers tired.

One of the nice things about being in Kansas is that I actually get to sleep in my bed, as my bed is the one that is in her guest room. (I also noticed that she has my hairspray and the framed photo my brother gave me for Christmas… so my sister is basically an art thief…).

So, I will link out to clips in the next couple days… too tired to search youtube for links that no one clicks on anyway 🙂

Have a good one!