… because your past and present are just staring you in the face. And the little smiley face icon you see is really just a facade. And little red hearts aren’t just doodled all over your high school book covers anymore – instead they are plastered on your Facebook home page for all your “friends” to see. Sometimes those hearts are whole. Sometimes those hearts are broken. Sometimes they are both at the same time. But it’s all good… for reals.

(Did I mention how happy I am not to be in Ohio anymore? šŸ˜‰ )

So, true to my word, I totally worked on my Lit Review today!! I am almost done with the second of five parts I have outlined… and this second part was going to be the longest one, so I feel really good about what I accomplished today. I probably could have gotten more done, but I think I did at least two or three pages of solid work. I’m still worried about sending a draft to my thesis chair because I’m so afraid he’s not going to like it and I’ll need to start all over again. I really believe in what I have typed up so far… I just really hope other people are on board with it too!

Besides working on my Lit Review, I watched an hour of I Love You, Man with commentary. I almost spewed my Grape Nuts I was laughing so hard at the commentary… good times. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are two of my favorite actor people… they are hilariously funny šŸ™‚

I also watched quite a few clips from Broadway shows online. I could literally watch the same clips over and over again and be completely content. My favorite three clips from today are as followed:

1. Audra McDonald singing “Your Daddy’s Son” from Ragtime

Her voice is GORGEOUS. She is such a powerful performer and has the ability to evoke all sorts of emotions from the audience while she is singing. I know that song frontwards and backwards, but when I watch her sing it, I find myself getting choked up a bit. If ever there was a performing arts genie and he granted me three wishes, one would be to sing as good as Audra McDonald, hands down.

2. Matthew Broderick and Company singing “Brotherhood of Man” from the Tony Award performance of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Oh, Matthew Broderick. You bring me such joy with all your singing and dancing. “Brotherhood of Man” is one of the best songs from that show, and this performance is awesome. Such a great number!

3. Sutton Foster and others singing “Five Forever” from Little Women

Even though I am obsessed with “Astonishing” from Little Women, “Five Forever” has been on repeat on my iTunes several times in the past week or so. I love Sutton Foster, but I also dig the harmonies of the rest of the March sisters and the guy who plays Laurie (esp. during the part where he sings “I am yoooooooooooooours!”).

And because I’m in a place with cable for another day or so, I watched last night’s episode of Mad Men with my sister when she came home for lunch, then I DVRed some VH1 countdown of the greatest 100 Artists of all time. I friggin’ love me some VH1 countdown shows!

My sister and I went and got some Chinese food for dinner and then went into a Goodwill that was next door. I got 2 things – a book about theater (and it has, like, 30 really amazing plays in it – woot!) and a VHS copy of Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day-Lewis… day-yum). Both my purchases were a grand total of $1.39, so I was pleased šŸ™‚

Tomorrow morning I’m headed out right after I wake up to go get Glee!! I’m so excited! And then tomorrow night, my sister and I have tickets for Aziz Ansari! I love him and his stand-up!

Well, I’m super tired, so I am gonna pack it in! *Maybe* read a couple pages of Ian McEwan’s Solar… but maybe not. I am super sleepy.

Have a good one!