Well, I made it back to MN in one piece…

(This will be a short post as I am super sleepy.)

I woke up around 7:15 and got the rest of my stuff together before I left my sister’s apartment. WHen she left around 7:45, I walked her down to her car and put a load of stuff in my own vehicle. We hugged goodbye as a huge clap of thunder sounded above us. I knew I had to get out of Kansas ASAP if I didn’t want to be caught in an epic thunderstorm.

I managed to pull out of the apartment complex’s parking lot at 8:00 on the dot. In addition to thunder, there was lightning and massive amounts of rain drops had started to fall… I hate driving in the rain, especially in a spot where I’m not familiar with driving around. I made it out of Lawrence with Daniel (my GPS) only yelling “Recalculating!” a few times. I got my ticket and went to merge onto another section of the highway and almost got demolished by a semi. It was raining and foggy and the highway had two lanes and I didn’t see any lights in either lane… so of course when I went to merge, the ginormous semi seemed to come out of nowhere and sped past me in the very lane I was trying to merge onto. Why didn’t the driver go into the left lane when there were signs everywhere that people needed to merge? Oh well… at least I didn’t get crushed by the semi.

The drive went okay… I was super tired but figured if I kept singing and snacking on gum drops and cheese-flavored Chex Mix I would be okay. And I was… but those last couple hours were making me sleepy. So I just sang louder… I made it through 6 of my Broadway mixes, 2 pop mixes and 2 Glee-mixes. And I had plenty more where that all came from 🙂

Even though Minneapolis traffic was bonkers, I made it to my house around 3:33… excellent. When I finally made it into the house, I was greeted by my mom and two dogs. My dogs are the cutest… they were sniffing all my stuff and jumping up to give me kisses (even Yukon, who is super old and doesn’t jump much anymore). After two trips, I got all my stuff from my car into my room.

Mom and I opted for pizza for dinner to go along with our last 2 episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. When I am less tired/more able to collect my thoughts, I will delve further into my overall feelings about the show. But, I will say now (write now?) that Nate Corrdry (Tom Jeter on the show) deserves to be more well-known than he is. He was really great on that show and handled his dramatic plot line very, very well.

After Studio 60, we watched the season premiere of Survivor (love Jeff Probst!), last season’s finale of Modern Family (love that whole program!!) and the “Theatricality” episode of Glee (I will expand on the gloriousness of that episode probably tomorrow… I. Love. Burt Hummel).

And now it’s time for sleep!

Have a great day 🙂