So, a big recap of stuff is still to come… my eyes are shutting as I’m typing this, and I have a feeling that it’s going to be an early morning tomorrow. So, I promise… in the next few days, there will be a recap of my opinions of Studio 60, some more of my thoughts on Season One of Glee (yeah, I’ve watched every extra possible on my Volume 2 set… and then a few episodes again), and just an update of stuff that’s been going on.

But to answer a looming question – No, I didn’t do any thesis work today. And Iikely won’t do any until Sunday or Monday.

What I did do today was run a bunch of errands with my mom. I now have Dexter Season Four in my possession and will be watching that in its entirety over the next few days 🙂

I also went with my mom to a function for my dad… it was some “meet the Superintendent” cookout. I’ve already met the Superintendent… he’s my dad (duh), but it was good to go out and support him and whatnot. Meet some of the people he works with and meet some supporters of the park. It was friggin’ chilly! Since I’m not from around here, weather in the 60s feels chilly to me compared to the 80s that it was when I was visiting my sister in Kansas.

Tonight I finally watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. I had read recaps, so I knew what happened. But, it was good to finally see it… well, it wasn’t “good”. I don’t think that show is all that great. But seeing the finale does bring with it some closure. I like to see my television seasons through.

I also saw on Facebook that tornados went though the area of southeast Ohio where I used to love/go to school. I hope all of my friends who are still there are all right… that must have been super scary. I feel bad because that area of the state is pretty poor. The University does all right, but the surrounding areas are not the most financially well-off places in Ohio. I saw photos of trailers that were ripped up and destroyed. I just hope everyone is okay.

Tomorrow morning I have to go into work for a few hours to fill out paperwork and do some computer training. I was told I didn’t need to dress in the dress code until the 25th, but the paper I already got says I need to wear professional attire… Hmmmmm…. Well, we’ll see tomorrow what I end up wearing.

Okay, I’m super tired. I’m not even going to read, that’s how zonked I am 😦

I hope you have a good one!