Wow, I never thought I would make my epic tiredness into a trilogy. But, it seems that I have…

I apologize for the crappy blog entries the past couple days. This one isn’t going to rock your world either. I’m so tired that I’m posting around 8:30ish as opposed to 10:30ish because I’m probably going to be heading to bed shortly. I am contemplating watching an episode of Dexter and *then* going to bed. But maybe not… maybe I’ll just crawl into bed, snuggle up with Moose and try and sleep.

I woke up super early this morning and ended up cleaning my bathroom and putting in a load of laundry all before 8:00… go me.

I had training at work from 11-?… the ? ended up being 3:25. I have to go in again tomorrow. I’m still confused as to what I am supposed to wear to training. I wore the dress code (except for shoes… I wore my neon pink Chucks. I’m going to need to buy work appropriate shoes this week), but other people who were in training were in jeans. Perhaps I will wear jeans tomorrow… plus, the head HR lady wrote that I had to wear dress code to *next* Saturday’s training… So I think I may opt for jeans and a nicer sweater or something. Maybe some boots… it is totally looking and feeling like fall outside. I guess it’s snowing in North Dakota…

Moose is staring at me with her big, sad, brown eyes. I think that’s my cue to get off my computer and give her a big hug. She’s too cute for words. I’m so glad that I get to see our dogs every day (well, except for when I was in Kansas…). Our dogs are the best dogs ever and it’s nice to get to play with them and curl up and watch TV with them. I missed being around dogs when I was away at school and whatnot. Dogs = 🙂

Well, since I’m starting to blab on about how much I love my dogs I think I’m finally realizing how super sleepy I actually am. *and here I go shutting down my computer…*

Have a good one.

I promise there will be talk of Studio 60, Glee and The Brothers Bloom (which I just watched today while eating dinner…) in an upcoming entry. But for now…. sleep!