So, according to ye olde battery icon at the top of my computer, I have 40 minutes of juice left… which means this will be epically short. Plus, it’s past 11 and I am super tired. The cutest dog ever is currently splayed out over 3/4 of the bed that we will be sharing for another week… so I would like to be asleep too. And preferably with more of the bed than her for my own, but that’s a losing battle. Somehow an almost 3 year old dog wins out over an almost 27 year old person… (our birthdays are 2 days apart in November. And my other dog turns 11 on Thursday. Awwwwww.)

Well, I’m going on about my dogs again… a sure sign that I need sleep. For reals, yo.

This morning/afternoon I finished my computer/register training for work. Woot. Then I went and picked up my BFF and we went back to my house where I made chili for dinner and we watched 1/2 season of Dexter šŸ™‚ We also made Halloween brownies, mojitos and popcorn… pretty much an awesome evening. I think we’ll probably finish Dexter Season Four tomorrow (!).

I don’t know if I’ll be officially starting work this week or not. At the latest, I’ll start next Saturday (in-store training). I kinda hope I don’t have to work this week… I’d like to get some more work on my paper done, as well as watch some movies. I have Me and Orson Welles coming in the mail on Tuesday… plus Glee premieres on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I think I’m going to try and nudge Moose over a bit. Her feet are going about a mile a minute, so she’s dreaming about something. Maybe I’ll let her be and just suck it up and resign to the fact that I am only allowed a sliver of the bed for myself.

Have a good one