For the record: even though I watch a lot of television, I actually get other stuff done throughout my day too. But I did watch a lot of movies and TV today because I have a migraine and my eyes hurt… and staring at my computer working on my paper doesn’t seem to be helping that cause.

That being said, I did get another page or so written for my Literature Review of my thesis proposal. I could and should have gotten more done, but today was one of those days where I really just could not focus as much as I needed to.

I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason, but the dogs were again kind enough to let me sleep in. By time I let them out, fed them and let them out again, it was around 9:15ish. I made myself some breakfast and sat down… too not in the mood for subtitles, I started watching Dear John. Yes, that movie based off the Nicholas Sparks book (which I read earlier this summer… sometimes one needs epic amounts of cheese). The movie wasn’t great, but it was kind of watchable. The right amount of cheese for my morning…

After a little while, I shut off the movie and threw in some laundry (there was a thick layer of dog hair on my blankets that needed to be handled asap) and then separated my notes out to get started on Part Four of my Lit Review. I worked on that for awhile and then took a break to let the dogs outside and make some lunch. I finished the movie… no surprises there. Cheesy through and through.

After that, I gathered some stuff to take to the library. I ran that errand and then came home. I got a little more of my paper done, but then the headache and eye pains really started to hit me.

I packed up my computer and brought my finished laundry upstairs. I made my bed back up and then made some tea. I finished watching Rudo y Cursi. Then my mom called to update me on what was going on.

We hung up and I let the dogs outside and then fed them. The mailman finally showed up around 5:15, but there wasn’t anything good there (i.e. no magazines…). I fixed myself some dinner and began watching The Princess and the Frog.

Yep, the Disney movie.

I wanted something where I didn’t really have to think, and I used to watch all those hand-drawn Disney flicks when I was little, so I figured this would be a good watch. So far, when I’m typing this, I’ve only watched about 20 minutes. My thoughts so far… the bad guy is creepy and looks like a pimp. And I texted my sister “The prince from The Princess and the Frog looks like a Latino Prince Eric. I wonder if Dr. Drew was the model for him too…” (Those who are obsessed with 30 Rock/Jon Hamm like we are will know what I mean…) She called me back and we laughed about it and then discussed our thoughts about Glee last night. We loves the Glee!!

Right now I’m watching Survivor. There must be a storm coming here b/c our reception is horrible. I know the title of this blog post is about Modern Family, but I will post this before I actually see the episode. I will write about it tomorrow… I am just super excited about it 🙂 I love Modern Family!!!

So, the lady on Survivor is bonkers. She dumped a bucket of snails (i.e. food) and then sank some guys $1600 shoes. What a bi-otch.

After Survivor and Modern Family, I’ll watch some more Princess and the Frog and then head to bed. I’m posting early so I’ll actually have a chance to read a little before I go to sleep, so that the last thing I see before bed is pages of a book instead of a computer screen. Oh happy day.

Have a good one!